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"Matthew" landing in the United States South Carolina has caused 11 deaths – Sohu news hurricane "Matthew" transit in the United states. The new network in the United States local time 8, the hurricane "Matthew" has been in the southeastern coastal South Carolina landing. Although Matthew has been downgraded to a hurricane, the maximum wind speed dropped to about 120 kilometers per hour, but "Matthew" is still to the southeast coast of the United States to take more severe weather. According to reports, in the United States, hurricane Matthew has killed at least 11 people were killed. 8 local time, hurricane Matthew in South Carolina, Charleston, 48 kilometers north to landing, when the area of the wind, rain and waves to. The bad weather led to local housing damage, part of the road was flooded. Some vehicles are also due to enter the water section of the fault, rescue workers rushed to aid. According to reports, in the southeastern coast of the United States, affected by Hurricane Matthew, more than 2 million households and businesses have cut off. Among them, in South Carolina, the film off the family is about 500 thousand. 8 day, South Carolina Governor Nicky? Haley also reminded the public, do not attempt to return home recently. Nicky: you don’t plan on Haley? Today (8 days) or tomorrow (9 days) to return home, it is not safe to go back, was blown off the wire, trees have unstable buildings, bridges, these are problems. I know you want to go home, but the law enforcement will stop you, because the roads are closed and you can’t get through. At present, in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, have been due to Hurricane Matthew caused the death of the notification. The United States Hurricane Center said, continue to move to the northeast, Matthew also to some parts of North Carolina to take heavy rain.相关的主题文章:

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