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Master log: do have a technology holding shares to have faith in       welcome to pay attention to our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. The forwarding and comment of the netizens is the biggest impetus for us to do well in this column. Also welcome netizens registered our stock market competition, through the game to exchange. Scanning two-dimensional code to watch Xing Xing’s new WeChat public number "Xing stock pool" has been opened. WeChat public search "xingzwgpc" welcome everyone’s attention. The difference between "Xing stock pool" and "master hailun log" the two public numbers are as follows: 1, "Xing stock pool" daily sent before 8:30 in the morning, only 1 articles, the content is on a trading day at 22 in the evening after the checking results, including the next day I want to buy the target shares. 2, "Xing stock pool" represents only personal views, unrelated to Phoenix finance. The stock pool is only the subject of individual stock selection, which does not mean any unit and institutional position. Yesterday, rehabilitation, we chose several strong votes, have seen stock pool also know, alternative target Wai Ming environmental protection, Han Jian and the two stocks in line with main logic, just considering today will not have too low position is not determined. The concept of the other, because last night replay time less, also not carefully studied. Opened today, jialinjie second letter shocked me, this has left the capital view for a long time, why direct second letter today. When I asked my colleagues, I learned that Nintendo and Apple had a joint press conference yesterday, and Nintendo shares soared. Remember that the wave of VR in July was Nintendo’s stock price surge. But today the capital chidushi behavior is really very anxious, not only the second days together chidushi, little money must relay. The disk, fake body sealing plate a few stocks, shares of Bohai Tianxiang environment, nationstar all the way to its China shipments, star power is yesterday’s second letter shares today opened direct stuffy kill. The volatility of the day index is too small, and the desire of individual stocks is not strong. But this is really Sichuan Shuangma shares go before the demon, is extremely strong, and recently because the laminating direction inside the PPP infrastructure, this is also the reason why should pull. Said his early operation, see virtual reality plate is so good, again opening sudawei, the result is not so good, but the stocks are triple negative. I can’t believe this stock can continue to close line, this time also is a test of faith ownership, no way to use my T method. The other one was bigger, and the landscape garden lost nearly 5 points. The recent state is not very good, also have to reduce the operation frequency, slowly adjusted.     outlook judgment: today is a cop-out, but don’t worry too much about what the PPP concept of tomorrow should be completely differentiated, then there is no chance to observe the leading car. And then, when PPP gets into a fix, will it see if the capital will launch a new plate offensive?. Note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. A brief introduction to Xing: 12 years’ stock age. He worked as a trader and investor in a private company; 高手日志:做股要有技术 持股要有信仰    欢迎关注我们的拳头栏目”高手操盘日志“这里会有实战高手的交割单及操作实录。网友们的转发和评论,是我们做好该栏目的最大动力。也欢迎网友们注册我们的炒股大赛,通过比赛来切磋交流。扫描二维码实时收看邢者新的微信公号“邢者股票池”已经开通。微信公号搜索“xingzwgpc”欢迎大家关注。“邢者股票池”与“高手操盘日志”这两个公号的区别如下:1、“邢者股票池”每日早上8点半之前发送,只有1篇文章,内容是上一个交易日晚上22点后的复盘成果,包括我次日要买的目标股。2、“邢者股票池”仅代表个人观点,与凤凰财经无关。股票池只是邢者个人选股标的,不代表任何单位和机构立场。昨日复盘,就选了几个强势票,看过股票池的也都知道,备选标的伟明环保、韩建河山这两个股符合主线逻辑,只是考虑到今天不会有太低的位置就没有下定决心。其他的概念,因为昨晚复盘时间较少,也就没仔细研究。今天开盘,嘉麟杰秒封震撼了我,这股已经离开资金视野很久,为什么今天直接秒封。我问了下同事后得知是因为昨天任天堂和苹果有合作发布会,同时任天堂股价暴涨。记得七月那波VR行情的导火索就是任天堂股价暴涨。不过今天资金吃独食的行为实在是太着急了,没有合力只吃独食,那第二天接力资金肯定很少。盘面看,假机构封板的几只个股渤海股份、天翔环境、国星光电都是一路出货,其中国星光电更是昨天的秒封股,今天直接低开闷杀了。全天指数波动太小,个股表现欲望不强。不过四川双马这个股真是走妖了,之前就是表现极其强势,然后最近又是因为贴合PPP里面的基建方向,拉成这样应该也是这个原因。说下自己的操作,早盘看虚拟现实板块表现这么好,就再度加仓了苏大维格,结果不太好,不过这股都三连阴了我就不信这股还能继续收阴线,这时候也是考验持股信仰的时候了,没办法,继续使出我的做T大法。另一只个股坑的比较大,乾景园林亏了近乎5个点。最近状态不是很好,也只好降低操作频率,慢慢调整了。  后市判断:今天算是个虎头蛇尾,不过也没什么太担忧的,PPP概念明天应该会彻底分化,届时观察龙头有没有上车机会。还有就是在PPP陷入调整后,观察资金会不会发动新的板块攻势。注:以上仅是作者自身看盘感悟,不是做个股推荐,也不构成投资建议,投资有风险,入市需谨慎。邢者简介:12年股龄。曾在私募公司任交易员、投资公司任研究员。现从事互联网股票、理财产品的开发运营。擅长题材股炒作。找不到热点,抓不到牛股?关注微信公众号“高手操盘日志”【微信号:CAOPANRIZHI】,年赚200万牛散每天实盘演示抓牛股、炒妖股,带你改变悲催的炒股史!进可攻,退可守。做风险投机市场的弄潮儿,您需要一种风险对冲工具。尽在微信号【期海大咖】或者【futures-hero】 相关的主题文章:

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