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More than half of the Ministry of emergency consultations auto purchase tax halved or postponed a year – Sohu news national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance and other ministries held a meeting to study whether this policy will continue. From last year introduced the purchase tax cut policy is over two months, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of communications, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries department meeting in November 1st, whether the policy of continuity. Some ministries tend to continue the policy for one year, and some ministries do not have a precise statement." A participant in the news to the Economic Observer online reporter said. According to him, there are certain ministries and stakeholders at the scene said, hope that enterprises can make full preparations, if the purchase tax cut policy can not continue in the alternative policy, put forward to restart the car to the countryside, the scene of trade as well as control of the purchase of the city has increased, for the purchase of the city increased directional limit. But these seem to need to refine the proposed program, the service decision-making layer." The source said, in all the departments involved in the meeting, only one of the ministries clearly opposed to the policy. However, as of press time reporter, the decision did not purchase tax halved policy stance. Last September 29th, the State Council executive meeting held to promote the development of new energy and small cars, from October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016, for the purchase and below 1.6 liters of displacement passenger car vehicle purchase tax levied by the implementation of the preferential. From the point of view of policy implementation, has played a positive effect. In the first half of 2016, 1.6 liters and below passenger car sales of 7 million 966 thousand and 100, an increase of 14.47%; its sales accounted for passenger car sales of 72.14%, an increase of more than the overall growth rate of the first half of 9.23%. In the purchase of expiring tax during the national day, many places to catch the last bus situation, small cars appeared to increase sales, and drive the overall rise. In October of this year, China Automobile Industry Association has formally submitted to the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, the tax incentives will be postponed. "Today’s departmental consultations, the purchase tax halved the continuation of the policy is still relatively large probability." The participants said. However, this move has been questioned. The Chinese government in 2010 to implement the following 1.6L vehicle purchase tax halved, when domestic car sales grew by 32.37%, passenger car sales rose by 33.17%. But in 2011, after the end of the policy, car sales growth of only 2.45%, the lowest growth rate for the lowest level in 13 years. In the industry view, the purchase tax is almost equivalent to the "extremely excited", just ahead of demand. A foreign car companies executives had told the Economic Observer online reporter interviewed when clear, do not want the government to introduce policies to stimulate the automobile consumption, automobile consumption "change radically the car manufacturers is not what good news, we hope to car city in the development of relative stability in the." Insiders said that whether the purchase tax halved or what kind of stimulus policies, the automotive industry chain must remain calm. Shen Rong, Deputy Secretary General of China automobile dealers association.相关的主题文章:

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