Man married to his wife came home to go home to visit his mother and daughter disappeared-aquaria

Men marry Vietnamese daughter-in-law home mother-in-law came to visit after mother and daughter disappear – Beijing Hangzhou Chunan a young man may have little confidence, when there is a heart to him "the Vietnamese bride", with 42000 yuan of money to go there by plane. He married a Vietnamese daughter-in-law and returned home with a lovely daughter. The wife is very beautiful, housework and filial parents, made the village a lot of men envy. Just when everyone put the language barrier of the woman as a member of the village, last month, she ran, and was taken away as well as the 3 year old child…… Two years ago he married a Vietnamese bride mother-in-law came to visit in October this year, "I told her good, 3 years did not even let her to a garden, not to mention the paddy upland, wondering why she just ran home to a heavy blow." The old 50 years old, Chunan Wei Ping Town cane Sichuan village, he and his wife working in Chunan county. According to him, to live a little tighter, two people a year can have a net income of forty thousand or fifty thousand. He said that "she" is the daughter of Xiao (a pseudonym), vietnamese. Because the expression of son’s hearing and language ability are not good, so in 2014 followed a friend went to Vietnam, and finally back to the lotus. "Son stayed in Vietnam for three months, the local held a wedding, return home also registered, is legal." He said the son and daughter-in-law a register in the licensing of foreign marriage Civil Affairs Bureau of Hangzhou city in the year before, a year after having a daughter. In October 7th this year, Vietnam’s mother-in-law, money to go to Shanghai to pick machine. "10, the mother-in-law said to go to Xi’an." Penny was broken, his mother had two daughters, the eldest daughter called Lotus (a pseudonym) to marry in Xi’an. But the night of October 13th, a large Dutch mother very worried to call the old money, said the afternoon of 13, the size of two Dutch and lotus daughter in Hollywood mother "lead", "go out to buy diapers in the name, after no home…… Money to go to Xi’an, according to the survey, they judge 4 people back to vietnam. Want to have the lotus daughter home first exchange 5000 yuan, and 3000 yuan a week later confirmed to send money to the lotus — WeChat said they have safely arrived in Vietnam at home, if you want them back to Chunan, money must remit money 5000 yuan. Old money quickly ran to the bank to exchange money, then the daughter-in-law said "home in October 29th". But on the 29 day, daughter-in-law and granddaughter still no trace. Ask again, the other said to remit 3000 yuan…… Old money think may be suffered a trap, this money can’t sink; but remember to get up every day and called "Grandpa" little granddaughter, he was extremely sad. He said the granddaughter of age 3 years, 2 years of age less than chronological age, but it will be called grandpa and Dad, but also very sticky. Just think of the granddaughter, grandfather old heart that hurts. "I know it would be a lot of trouble to marry a daughter-in-law, but I didn’t think so. That’s all. I just want my granddaughter back." Cane Sichuan village Party branch secretary Qian Sifang said, the old one is part of the people, students.相关的主题文章:

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