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Man drunk driving butt caused 2 deaths a woman was the top Trailer (Figure) – Sohu picture Qilu news network February 15th news (Shandong Taiwan correspondent Zheng Maosheng Liu Chuanxin) the evening of February 14th at about 8:30 in Heze Yuncheng county bus station at the crossroads, is drunk driving traffic police suddenly found a car coming from the South to the north of Jining the silver Honda civic car license, a man on the roof. Vehicles turn to Jinhe Road East, traffic police immediately act to stop the car at the entrance of Lido hotel. Traffic police found that the woman on the roof has died. After emergency interrogation, the driver of the car Diao another killed 1 people, but also hit other vehicles. Reporters then learned that after the incident, the night after the driver of a drunk in Wuan Town, in Yuncheng County 365 song city near two people fled after being hit, the man died on the spot. Women were hung on the roof until the traffic police found, when the crazy car has run 600 meters above the woman. It is reported that the perpetrators of a 47 year old, Wuan town tax bureau driver. The male deceased was more than 20 years old, who was a member of the Eight Mile River Community in Yuncheng, and the female deceased was a resident of the Li River Community in Yuncheng. The case is still under further investigation.

男子酒驾撞人致2人死亡 一女子被挂车顶(图)-搜狐新闻 图片 图片   齐鲁网2月15日讯(山东台 郑茂生 通讯员 刘传信)2月14日晚8点半左右,在菏泽郓城县汽车站十字路口,正在查酒驾的交警猛然发现,自南向北驶过来一辆济宁牌照的银灰色本田思域轿车,车顶上有一个人。   车辆拐到金河路往东行驶,交警立即行动将车辆逼停在丽都宾馆门口。交警发现,车顶上的女子已经死亡。   经紧急讯问获悉,该车司机刁某另外还撞死1人,同时还撞上其他车辆。   记者随后了解到事发经过,当晚司机刁某在武安镇喝酒之后,于郓城县365歌城附近撞上两人后逃跑,被撞男子当场死亡。女子则被挂在车顶上直到交警发现,这时疯狂轿车已经顶着女子跑了600多米。   据悉,肇事者刁某47岁,为武安镇税务所司机。男性死者20多岁,为郓城丁里长镇人,女性死者为郓城八里河社区居民。   案件还在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章:

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