Macao’s chief executive to clear the new network into national development – released 2017 annual po thinkpad s230u

Macao’s chief executive to clear into the national development in the new network in Macao news agency, 15 November, released 2017 annual policy report (reporter Longtu) Macao chief executive Cui Shian 15 pm in the Legislative Council of the HKSAR entitled "gradually implement the plan to build a better home" for fiscal year 2017 policy address. Report made it clear that Macao should deepen regional cooperation, integration of national development. The report first reviews the general situation of the Macao Special Administrative Region in 2016. 2016, although the depth of the adjustment of Macao’s economy, but the overall situation remains stable, the unemployment rate remained at 1.9% level, inflation has declined, the public finances. At the end of September 2016, the fiscal reserves amounted to 468 billion 238 million yuan (Macao yuan, the same below), foreign exchange reserves amounted to 154 billion 976 million yuan. The SAR government has always given priority to people’s livelihood. The report pointed out that next year will continue to fully implement the people’s livelihood welfare measures, improve the livelihood security system, improve and enhance the overall quality of life of the residents, reflecting the spirit of building and sharing. Report proposes a series of specific measures huimin. Including the proposed next year continue to implement the cash share plan; start to inject gold fund accounts of Macao permanent residents eligible for the elderly and vulnerable groups; increase the support to continue learning activities; allowance of attending college and graduate students in Macao; continue to distribute medical bills to the permanent residents of Macao continue to implement tariff subsidies. The report said that the Macao SAR Government in 2017 for economic subsidies and the results of the expenditure sharing of about $12 billion 352 million. In 2017 the economic situation, despite the world economic uncertainty will have a certain impact, Asian economies will also face many challenges, but the prospects for economic development of the Macao SAR government is still cautiously optimistic, according to the latest forecast report of the International Monetary Fund and the Macao monetary authority, the Macao economy is expected to recover next year positive growth. Macao’s economic diversification has been the focus of attention of the government and the community, the report pointed out that the government will gradually implement the five year plan to foster new industries in the SAR plan. At the same time, improve the economic development of Macao moderate multivariate statistical index system. The report suggested that Macao should deepen regional cooperation, integration of national development. The SAR government will give full play to the advantages of the "one country, two systems", take advantage of its own characteristics, and actively participate in regional cooperation, and strive to complement each other, enhance cooperation and enhance regional competitiveness. At the same time, to further implement the "Guangdong Macao cooperation framework agreement", to make better use of the opportunity of the construction of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, to promote the construction of Hengqin Guangdong Macao cooperation Industrial Park, park development to recommend more Hengqin project. Make good use of CEPA preferential policies to promote the liberalization of trade in services between Macao and the mainland. The report stressed that the government has launched a city planning work, will focus on the overall coordination, supporting the development of city construction, housing, transportation, environmental protection and other work, enhance the residents of the beautiful homeland identity, sense of belonging and sense of happiness. How to improve the effectiveness of public services, the report pointed out that the SAR government will complete the first phase of the function相关的主题文章:

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