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Luzhou 90 artist network by holding "ghost" painting figure (Figure) people love modern feeling, technology and fashion…… Some people like the flavor of simplicity, charm and elegance… Some people love fantasy, fantasy monster, singular, have a distinctive taste. For example, Luzhou (micro-blog WeChat), the post-90s teenager Li Yifan. The genie read "where? Li Yifan, a young man in Luzhou, learned to draw. He recently used watercolors to show a magical world of gods and monsters, demons and beasts. Sugisawa said that, since he graduated from his master’s degree, he was painting at home, "it’s my hobby, except sleeping and eating." "Chinese HYAKKI" is one of the most popular series of paintings, Ze Shan fans Sugisawa said, this theme about his trip, travel to Dunhuang once last year, see Mogao Grottoes painting, let him very touched, get a lot of inspiration. Like many boys, young Chinese fir Ze to have a fantasy world of desire and longing. See "Fengshenbang" "Fox" these books, film and television, he felt all kinds of strange creatures which may be fabricated out of the author. Curiosity drove him to "search for roots" and explore the most primitive images of these legends. Later, he found a lot of wicked Genie from "The Classic of the Great Wilderness". Looking at the literature, we know how a legendary image evolves in history. Sugisawa said, "the queen of the west" is a typical example. In some documents, "the queen of the west" is a female. "If an image keeps a certain feature, it is the identity of the people’s heart." For these reasons, when Sugisawa painted an image, he did not create it based on a "node". Instead, he painted something in common from multiple angles. He is friends in the eyes of painting crazy in Sugisawa micro-blog, in addition to share his paintings, he is willing to share the process of painting for everyone. Don’t learn painting, but painting to Sugisawa said, he is now painting watercolor painting, the first heavy color painting color, the traditional painting and watercolor painting is the opposite, so the effect is not the same. He mocked himself, "this is a wild way." Sugisawa’s friends said that the side did not like him obsessed with painting people, "he’s the devil! He sat down in the dormitory and began painting, often until one or two in the morning, at noon did not sleep. In the textbook and in the notebook, it was his painting. " Want to draw more than 200 "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" Genie although the painting occupies most of the time Sugisawa, but he said: "life is not the main part drawing, main part of life or life, painting is one thing in life. I don’t like to walk around. I just want to stay at home and paint at home. In addition to interest, I also regard painting as a kind of experience. " Sugisawa said, many people love "ghosts" series of paintings, he was very grateful, but do not want to paint as a task, when you want to draw a picture, it is a continuous process. If the painting is tired, you will go to the movies, or run on the Binjiang road. Painting, make his life calm and not calm. There are many people who want to buy the paintings of huzawa, but he is not very willing to do it. He doesn’t think much money has a big impact on life now. "It’s impossible to wear a few hundred dollars of T – shirt paint." It comes from love. Out of the first heart, Sugisawa’s paintings are still drawing. And he also has a small target — "" The Classic of the Great Wilderness "recorded in the more than 300 genie, I want to draw out more than 200 of them." Reporter Ruan Chunhua editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading: Chongqing painter took 58 months to complete 100 hundred meters long tiger

泸州90后画师网络受捧 水彩绘出“百鬼”图(图) 有人喜欢现代的感觉,科技、时尚……有人喜欢古朴的味道,风韵、雅致……也有人喜欢神怪妖兽,奇异、玄幻,别有滋味。比如泸州(微博 微信)这位90后少年李一帆。神怪之念”从何起?李一帆,生长在泸州的少年,自小学习画画。近来他用水彩为大家展现了一个神与怪、妖与兽的奇幻世界。杉泽说,自硕士毕业后,他就在家画画,“除了睡觉吃饭就是画画,这是我的爱好“。“中国百鬼”是杉泽最受粉丝追捧的系列画作之一,杉泽说,这一题材与他一次旅行有关,去年到敦煌旅游过一次,见到莫高窟的绘画,让他触动很大,得到了很多灵感。和许多男生一样,小时候的杉泽对神怪的世界也有一种探索的欲求和向往。看《封神榜》《狐妖》这些书籍、影视时,他曾觉得里面的各种奇异生物可能是作者杜撰出的。好奇心驱使着他“寻根溯源”,去一探这些传说最原始的形象。后来,他发现很多神怪妖兽都出自《山海经》。看多了文献,就知道一个传说的形象在历史中是怎么演变的。杉泽说,“西王母”就是很典型的例子,某些文献记载的“西王母”是女性,一些文献记载的“西王母”又是男性。“如果一个形象始终保留某一个特征,那就是人们心里认同的特征。”基于这些原因,杉泽在绘画某一个形象时,并非根据某一个“节点”来创作,而是综合多个角度,画出共性的东西。他是友人眼中的画痴在杉泽的微博上,除了随时分享自己的画作之外,他也不吝于将绘画的过程分享给大家。没有学过工笔画,但浅尝过国画的杉泽说,他现在的画法是水彩画,先画重色再画浅色,这和水彩画的传统画法是相反的,所以画出来的效果不太一样。他自嘲,“这是野路子”。杉泽的友人说,身边没有像他那样痴迷画画的人,“他简直入魔了!他在宿舍里坐下就开始画,经常画到凌晨一两点,中午都不睡觉。课本上、笔记本上哪里都是他画的画。”想画200多个《山海经》神怪虽然画画占据了杉泽的大部分时间,但他说:“生活主要部分不是画画,生活主要部分还是生活,画画是生活中的一件事。我不喜欢到处走,只想待在家里,在家里画画。除了是兴趣之外,我也把画画当成一种历练。”杉泽说,很多人喜欢“百鬼”系列画作,他非常感激,但不想把画画当成任务,想画的时候就画,这是一个持续性的过程。如果画累了,就会去看电影,或者在滨江路跑跑步。画画,让他的生活平静也不平静。有很多人想买杉泽的画,但是他不是很舍得。他觉得钱多钱少对现在的生活影响并不是很大,“总不可能穿件几百块钱的T恤涂颜料吧”。源于热爱,出于初心,杉泽的画还在继续画着。而他也有一个小小的目标——“《山海经》里记载的神怪有300多个,我想把其中的200多个画出来。”记者 阮春华编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 重庆:画家历时58个月 完成百米长双百虎图相关的主题文章:

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