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Luneng Taishan villa 7, open the "sports + health" new residential experience — real estate — September 11th, ecological sports, health Chinese — "sports + health" residential quality development forum held in September 11th in Taishan Luneng 7 villa. September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Qianyuan snow) as an important exploration and Practice on the new understanding of the habitat quality real estate era, Luneng sports + community health product line highlights frequent. In September 11th, the ecological sports, health China — "sports + health" residential quality development forum held in September 11th 7, Luneng Taishan villa, the forum has invited the Sydney Olympic Games women’s 20 km race champion Wang Liping, China real estate association secretary general Chen Zhi, vice chairman of the association of Asians in the environment of Luneng Beijing Yan, deputy director of marketing Cao Xuewen, Luneng Taishan No. 7 Villa Planning Deputy Director Yang Fan cross-border dialogue, sharing their "sports + health" life. As an important part of the green real estate, the new health real estate not only includes the protection of the environment, but also the humanistic care. About the present situation and Prospect of the emerging real estate model green health estate, vice chairman of the association of Asians in the environment Yan said in a keynote speech at present, product design for health status of people living in housing prices has been included in the product demand, green and healthy real estate prospects. "To create a new living behavior, quality and quality of living, is the fundamental pursuit of healthy living environment. Luneng Taishan 7 villas located in the region for the first green CBD in Beijing, through the design of a healthy human experience into the United States, the United States and the environment passed on to consumers." Kai Yan said. People living with the quality of a comprehensive upgrade of community health facilities and the surrounding environment has an important impact on the living experience, and promote the public sports fitness cognition gradually respected, high-quality living more and more included for people living health concerns. Luneng Taishan 7, deputy director of the planning of the villa Yang Fan believes that innovation in housing prices is also coupled with the health factor, thus, the need to better meet the needs of high-quality living habitat. Luneng estate adhering to ecological, health, sports, entertainment, science and technology five concept of product development, green development, green communities, green building and green life as a development strategy, put forward the strategic planning of sports + products, let the movement into the community, let the sport life. In the cross-border dialogue, my ‘Sports + Health’ life, guests on health, sports, living and living together to share the concept of a new habitat their views. Cao Xuewen said that with the development trend of housing prices tend to specialization, refinement and systematization, so that better integration of products and life, is an important issue facing the moment. Luneng itself has a "sports +" connotation of the traditional DNA advantage. Luneng years ago established the first batch of Chinese occupation of the football team, and has scored in the top league China. Relying on high-quality sports resources, the movement into the real estate development, Luneng sports + new life model of strong support. "Sports +" ecological shared product line of unique design concept, hope from the ecological, facilities and traffic construction dimension superposition cut, to build the city Villa)相关的主题文章:

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