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"Lucky" is my salon ending soon   urban warmth touched drifters – Entertainment Channel – August 24th movie "lucky is I" held a salon in Shanghai, starring Kara Hui, Chen Jiale as the representative of the creative debut, with audience viewing experience. Shanghai as "I am so lucky, because you are the theme of the salon second last station site, a continuation of the previous hot atmosphere, at the same time, the film for a two bit port Asahi and Satsuki floated a detailed characterization of hard work in Shanghai so many young audience empathy, to praise the film. Warm story piercing touches young drifters realistic characters film "lucky" I started to suffer from cognitive impairment of the elderly Fen sister perspective, about her with a young girl edge and volunteers, three strangers in karma will encounter, the collision from the initial friction to understand each other and accompany each other the warmth of the story. In the film, in addition to Kara Hui’s aunt Finland to good and simple quality of moving beyond the two Hong Kong drift young A Xu (Chen Jiale ornaments) and Luna (Liu Yase ornaments) in the city, but suffered a cold, family and career choice, finally to accompany each other of the spiritual path, causing young drift a chord. "Lucky" is my focus on the little people’s daily life, plain tone lack warmth, touched the heart of many viewers. Many of the audience to reflect, in the film with Xiaoyue work and family choices, but also the common problem facing the drifters, sympathetic. One in Shanghai for many years, just made the Shanghai Hukou audience said: "see the movie person Asahi it just arrived in Hongkong for a period of life has a special feeling, I also like this when I first arrived in Shanghai, to find a house, no place to live, no one cares about you, feel very lonely. Finn aunt and A Xu’s feelings are very special, I think this society needs a little more warmth." Chen Jiale also said, I play the role of the film, in fact, a lot of young people in the big city is a microcosm of the struggle, a lot of people say that the resonance, because this is probably what they are experiencing." The subject of profound acting online ten city salon harvest mass base, lucky is me soon, the film has a good reputation in the major media and social networking platform fermentation. Since the beginning of August 15th, the film followed in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Ji’nan, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian held "I am so lucky, because of you," the theme of Sharon, let the audience feel. In the salon, starring Kara Hui, Chen Jiale in the film wonderful interpretation, conquered many viewers, Kara Hui penetrating performance, is widely regarded as the next award winning actress contender, Chen Jiale was also acting and niche audience as an unexpected harvest. At the same time, many in reflecting film critics agreed that "I" is "lucky is this year’s best films". In addition, Sharon activities around, have received enthusiastic support and response from the audience. In this regard, the film side said, so far, we have gone through every station reaction is very hot". The film side believes that "lucky is me" not only has the attention to the cognition barrier, it portrays the small character life,相关的主题文章:

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