Love music leader fly

Love music leader fly it? Original title: love music leadership fly it? Author: Fei sun rain source: public number not Mandarin musician friend once said a word: "cherish musician friends, because they are more" reliable "!" Affected by this sentence, I deliberately observed around the music or music work to engage in a friend, in particular, observed the big Boss. Boss was born in 1960, childhood just experienced ten years of catastrophe, the cultural knowledge is not systematic, have a slight preference for music. His first job was as a worker in a factory. A staff of amateur team in the factory, he ran in the team, because he can’t sing and dance, so the team did not let him on stage, just let him do service work, the equivalent of the characters in the spring to send lunch now. He is very love the job, has been hard to work. The team veteran, "gurus", he ran back in command. Through hard work, Boss got a big role in the band. Finally, is now holding a similar KTV to create the atmosphere of the bell as a musical instrument, shake the rustle! He is responsible for holding the instrument and shaking it occasionally during the show! Shake over, continue to stage doing errands. Big Boss in amateur art team for two years, he transferred to another unit, the identity of the workers into a public officer. This transfer, was quite normal, since the middle of 1980s, government officials are not strictly "on compulsory work between state-owned enterprises" system, factory workers and government staff to mobilize each other than usual. (of course, Boss’s father is the uncle of provincial municipal cadres, leadership, father was deputy department executives of state-owned enterprises…… His work is to mobilize and whether these people have a relationship, not discussed in this paper) range after ten years of hard work Boss, education, culture, health and other work at the party in power. That year, a state-owned enterprise due to the completion of the project, to engage in a literary and artistic celebration party, invited the big Boss to participate. Boss a look at the program, the instructions of a sentence: the proposed literary activities to moderate, to highlight the political advantages of state-owned enterprises." This enterprise after some thinking and exploration, the variety show into a revolutionary song staff chorus, also invited the famous female singer, singing excerpts, red embroidered jiang……. Boss love the singer, special reception and greet photo, completely put in front of their worship star, a religious expression. Therefore, when the leadership is a silly look crazy fans. Big Boss love music another story, he is in the city of education work conference put forward: "for the conditions of the school, let every student to learn a musical instrument." As a result, all schools have begun to attach importance to music education. There is also a private school to carry out the spirit of the speech, the first requirement of each teacher must be a musical instrument, group相关的主题文章:

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