Love her, take her to a thousand times the song, Bao – tourism Sohu to testify kimi wo omou melodi

Love her, take her to a "thousand times the song", Bao – Sohu to testify the Millennium ancient capital tourism in Kaifeng, the ancient capital of eight dynasties at the opening. Qi Mingxia tree wufenglou, Yi door ancient emperors. Dear, if you love her, take her to see a very touching "opening the thousands back to song". Photo: Cross Strait tea if you’re single dog to KAIFEN, chrysanthemum tea rhyme Banjun line tour Longhu, Deng Ting, the Qingming River Park shook the god. Photo: cross-strait tea lovers to KAIFEN, stroll the city government gate, deeply attached to each other for life, the matchmaker, Bao witness, who is disloyal, three copper cut unsparing. Photo: cross-strait tea family of three to KAIFEN, one family, deeply attached to each other, a steamed stuffed bun tube enough, during the day to eight, night song, hugging the baby on the floor. Photo: cross-strait tea the elderly to KAIFEN, they slowly, carefully, slowly, Yang warrior look good enough. Photo: cross-strait tea unsealing is unique in the world city OFSTACK City, is a long history and rich details of the Song Dynasty cultural charm of the city, is the famous hometown of Chinese opera, woodcut art village, Pangu New Year Paintings Art Village, is the poetry of the Song Dynasty culture, food culture, culture of the birthplace of the Yellow River. Before traveling to suggest doing homework, look at the opening of history, it is rich in culture, which opened the historical and cultural heritage of the city walking up ofstack city will feel abnormal precipitation. As if through three hundred years, back to the heyday of the Northern Song Dynasty capital, let the world come to congratulate the people’s pride, the pride of the nation. Photo: a strong performance on both sides of tea "thousands back to song" by professional actors from Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and domestic 9 provinces of the 200 members of the team, the 300 year history of the song as the background story, with modern dance in the form of re interpretation, with magnificent momentum, gorgeous color reproduction, Kaifeng that flourishing. "Thousands back to song" show time: every 14:30 and 20:00 began on time, the show is 80 minutes long. Venue: Tokyo art center. Photo: cross-strait tea sung in the "millennium a sigh" order "sound", "let the Zen" and "martyrs", the "breeze", "dream" the 5 chapter presents the prosperous "spirit to bloom" ending and 7 chapters constitute. Photo: cross-strait tea first: "Zen" is to sound Li Shishi as the background, she gradually grows from birth to Huarongyuemao, to deeply love and song, the famous Song Dynasty poet Zhou Bangyan in favor of the story. Its legendary, but also indirect evidence of Li Shishi’s talented person can face and. Photo: cross-strait tea Li Shishi was three years old when her father sent her a Buddhist monk Morgan top, she burst into tears. I believed she was like Buddhists, Buddhist disciples called " because of the tube; " so, she is called Li Shishi. The Northern Song Dynasty the fate of Song Huizong, Li Shishi’s whereabouts became a mystery. Photo: Tea on both sides相关的主题文章:

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