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UnCategorized All of you, who wish to enter the field on fashion design and have decided to take up an industry-specific course too, need to find out a little more before you .mit yourself to a full-fledged diploma or degree. You must get an overview of this industry with respect to what scope of jobs it offers, and which job matches the skill set you plan to acquire. Also if there is steady and sufficient growth for you to be able to make a career in the fashion design industry. *Scope: You will surely want to know about the different jobs available in the fashion design industry. Many of you will want to be designers, and there will be still many who are interested in the other facets of fashion designing. None of you will be disappointed. If you have taken the requisite course and have the skills of drawing, sewing and .puter-aided design, then you can try for a fashion designer job with an apparel manufacturer or a fashion house. Those interested in reporting and writing can be fashion journalists. If you have some kind of business degree too you can get into the management side of fashion design, or you could try merchandising. There are opportunities for fashion photography, stylists as well as in various technical processes involved in production. You can opt for a position in advertising or promotion if you have a flair for it. *Jobs: Once you have made up your mind about the stream, you will have to decide whether you want to work as a permanent employee with a fashion .pany or even an apparel wholesaler. You can consider freelancing if you enjoy taking up a variety of projects. If you have the financial capacity and some educational background in business you can be self employed too. And for those still unclear about which kind and type of job to take up, you can take up an internship with certain firms, while still studying. So by the time you finish with your education you will be clear about the job you want. *Growth: There are many people who are attracted to this industry due to its glamour and the creativity involved. Thus .petition for getting a job is always tough. And though this industry is not known for growth in leaps and bounds you can have a steady growth, and with exceptional talents can go still further up. Any firm involved in the mass-market will present more opportunities due to rising demand from that section. Now that you know what this industry has to offer you can decide on a long term .mitment with this fascinating industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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