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All kinds of industrial land lease term may not exceed 20 years Beijing Economic Daily News November 8th in support of the new economy, the new development pattern of new industries, new formats, land, land and Resources Department today issued a "industrial land policy implementation guidelines". For the previous social concern photovoltaic industry high degree of land, clear guidelines for photovoltaic power station project using the unused land layout of photovoltaic phalanx, according to the in situ class identification and management. Due to the large area of photovoltaic industry, the nature of the land has been in a blur. Previously, this was once controversial in the community, the second half of this year, the Ministry of land and natural resources to support the use of land and the stock of land for the development of photovoltaic power generation. Requirements for agricultural land has been used before the construction of agricultural light combination, fishing light integrated photovoltaic power projects to strengthen tracking monitoring. The guidelines also stated that the overall land use plan for urban construction land outside the boundaries of the tourism project in the natural landscape of land and planting, animal husbandry and fishery farming land, according to the in situ class identification and management. Recently, the relevant departments in accordance with the national industrial policy adjustments introduced a number of policies, the requirements of the industrial developed area, gathering area and unused land use development of the industry, to give priority to land planning index. Requirements throughout the country in accordance with the industrial policy and the development of local industries, co-ordinate arrangements for land use planning indicators to ensure compliance with industrial policy projects. Clear guidelines for all kinds of industrial land can take a long-term lease, rent, lease of land use for. The use of land for long-term lease shall not exceed 20 years. In addition, the new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, wireless communications base stations, distributed photovoltaic power generation facilities, community care (medical, sports and cultural facilities, cinema) (Hall), tourism toilets are scattered distribution, small scale, single to other buildings are closely attached facilities in the new industrial relations, allowing for other construction projects for the construction, the requirements for the conditions included in the. Ministry responsible person, to further create a fair competition in the land market environment, do big, small and micro enterprise development needs to protect and promote the healthy development of private investment, social investment.相关的主题文章:

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