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Liu Xingliang, Word day, the mobile Internet era has ended! Beijing science and technology in the morning to see the fog and haze of the weather, accounting for a pair of couplets. A: I do not know the calculation and so on; second line: Beijing fog networking. Hengpi: foggy. Whether it is cloud computing, Internet of things, in the past few years, these words are fashionable words. Including VR, AR, and AI, although this year suddenly fire up, but this is not new, AR VR, ten to twenty years ago began to use in the fields of military, aerospace. But why do they talk so much about these two years? Because a new era has come. (a) in 2009, I had to make a simple division of the global IT industry to ten years for an era. From 2010 to 2013, this ten years is the world’s IT industry’s first real ten years, the key words is the hardware, the global hegemony of this era is IBM. This ten years has nothing to do with China, if we are behind, this is the source of the past ten years. Second years from the year to year, this year’s key words into the software, the global hegemony has become Microsoft. But thanks to Microsoft’s use of software to promote the development of personal computers, companies such as Lenovo have seized the opportunity, but the opportunity is at the end of the industry chain. Third years from the year 2 to the year of ten, the key word of the year of the Internet, the global hegemony into Google. In ten years, China has a very big chance. We do today in the first camp of China’s Internet, BAT are developed in the past ten years. If we say that today China is a big country of the Internet, it should be said that the status of the second only to the United States, the reason is that we have developed rapidly in this ten years. When I made this judgment, but also in the third ten years, was also predicted for the next fourth years, that is, by the year, the key words into the mobile internet. At that time to do the forecast, the ten years have not come, did not give hegemony, there is no keyword. Up to now more than six years, did not like the first three years of such a dominant position is very clear, whether it is Google, or Facebook have a chance. At that time also predicted the first five to ten years, from year to year, this prediction is done in 2009. This ten years was far from, and now did not come, but I was given the key words is artificial intelligence. This is a judgment I made at that time, that is the development of context. But the year before last, I found that the development is always beyond your imagination, including in fifth years, including the key words are right, but I think the time ahead of time, to come earlier than the ten. So, since the year before I started writing "intelligent explosion: opening a new era" a Book of Homo sapiens. (two) to the mobile Internet era, in order to distinguish, the Internet era is also known as the PC Internet era. It is now called, before long, it does not distinguish between PC, the Internet and mobile Internet will be called each other.相关的主题文章:

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