Lichuan traffic police vehicle service set up police

Lichuan traffic police vehicle service police set up "lianxinqiao" when you walk into the Lichuan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade vehicle hall, the face of the wall "striving for the people satisfied with the window" eye-catching characters. Before the window, "hello! I would like to ask what business? Hello! Please wait a moment……" Every civilized discourse can be heard without end. In the meantime, people come to work all smile, police and the masses is amiable. This is a happy situation due to the Lichuan Public Security Bureau police vehicle administration DEDECATES service result. In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, the masses and the chariotest pipe departments of the increasingly close ties. In the face of the needs of the people, the Lichuan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade vehicle all police to firmly establish the "convenience service is chariotest pipe work soul" concept, to create a "service type" vehicle, closer distance, promote the relations between the police and the police set up a "lianxinqiao". The examination appointment "with" people "did not think I have a reservation yesterday. Today you can enter the examination room examination, the Lichuan police service is good too." In September 22nd, Lichuan Rong Xin cool mist examination room, a student from Wang said, unable to restrain the emotions driving test camp. Since 2015, according to the majority of the people of Enshi motor vehicle C examination decentralization, the Lichuan traffic police initiative as an active implementation of this Huimin measures, in the cold fog area of the new C Rong Xin examination room. According to the present situation of students of the Lichuan police vehicle traffic police launched the test "appointment" mechanism, arrange students to participate in the examination and test. In order to save more examination time, let more students to participate in the examination, Cheguan police often give up at noon and afternoon rest time, overtime students test. We have become the norm overtime, the purpose is to allow students to run less injustice, less time, less cost." Lichuan Traffic Police Brigade squadron long Guoquan chariotest pipe says. For high school students, college students rush difficult problem, in order not to delay their studies, Cheguan police actively seek change, "Easy Access" for students, open up "full-time examination", the use of holidays to organize students to test every week. According to statistics, as of now has arranged for more than 400 students. Examination appointment is not only for us to save time, but also for us to save a large amount of money, in the past to Enshi test subjects two to spend at least seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, now only spend $10 on the breakfast." In September 21st, Lichuan traffic police brigade vehicle hall, one to come to an examination of the students said happily. At the same time, in order to facilitate more people driving license, replacement, inspection and other services, chariotest tube window police also opened a business for the "Reservation Hotline" delay service. To simplify the process of "Lian" people at 8:30 on the morning of September 22nd, the Lichuan Traffic Police Brigade chariotest pipe "Inspection Center Gang", the police ran group came early to their jobs and began his busy day. I saw him sitting in front of the computer, kept moving his hands the mouse eyes, all eyes staring at the computer screen. Originally, he is a "remote inspection system" from the view of vehicle detection data to detect the dragon, just a few seconds to complete a vehicle inspection task. For the convenience of the masses and quick for vehicle business, less to the group number相关的主题文章:

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