Lianzhong 2016 first half earnings non gaming revenues of nearly 43 million 980 thousand rose-p8400

Lianzhong 2016 first half earnings: non gaming revenues of nearly 43 million 980 thousand   rose 3463.6%– game August 31 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Shen Guangqian) Lianzhong International (06899.HK) 30 released 2016 interim report, the company’s overall revenue growth of 27.9% over the same period, to 416 million yuan. Among them, the earnings for the first time clear foreign income of about 60 million 160 thousand yuan, accounting for nearly $14.5% of total revenue. According to the results, Lianzhong international PC game revenue rose 38% to 205 million yuan. Mobile gaming revenue remained stable for 167 million yuan, of which the first quarter of the first quarter of the mobile revenue exceeded $one hundred million yuan. More than 28 million monthly active users, monthly paid users to maintain a smooth, about $1 million 800 thousand, paid monthly average income rose by more than the same period of 17.2%, reaching $34. It is understood that the group released Lianzhong LOGO in April this year, and the disclosure of games, electronic games, sports, competitive intelligence Chinese global entertainment and sports five major electricity supplier platform development strategy for the first time, from the "chess game" change to "sports entertainment platform company". See from the earnings is not difficult, as the foundation and the entrance Lianzhong business development, game platform to maintain steady growth. At the same time, the transformation of achievements have been shown — non gaming revenues of nearly 43 million 980 thousand, up 3463.6%, accounting for the proportion of the group’s total revenue for the first time more than 10%, the income structure optimization platform started to show results. Earnings report mentioned that the first half of 2016, the investment in the establishment of chess Lianzhong industry only by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center chess "chess athletics platform" has been officially launched, five large companies have become the first Internet Chess cooperation platform, to jointly explore the new mode of chess sports. At the same time, the window body Lianzhong business platform — Sports and sports industry by Lianzhong integrated operating platform of sports joint venture was formally established in April 2016, with the resources and expertise of two group, comprehensive ticket sales, online games, and other characteristics of the electronic sports championship and the new business model. In overseas business, earnings report mentioned that as a carrier of global sports and entertainment platform Lianzhong, WPT since June 2015 into the production of TV program, Lianzhong, offline activities and other aspects of the smooth development of. In May 2016, WPT hosted the champions league tournament, attracting the past 14 years, the top 64 WPT elite participation. Meanwhile, WPT in Youtube, Twitch, Pluto, TV and other social media than the second quarter of 2016, an increase of more than 134%, exposure has more than 50 million. WPT also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Fox for five years, to continue to provide the contents of the poker game program. In addition has made progress in the first half, the earnings report said, Lianzhong will continue to usher in the harvest period of preliminary. As its gaming platform — alliance gaming, in August has announced that the capital of North American advanced gaming industry company Esports Arena, the establishment of the European subsidiary of ELC Gaming, at the beginning)相关的主题文章:

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