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Liang Jie: the limits of design should not be a style?? the seventh nest award make snap reform, finally in the autumn of Beijing to harvest its fruit. 5100 entries, the final professional category only 17 pieces of work to get the gold medal, the proportion of gold was much lower than the previous six sessions in the past 3/1000. This year for the collection of works and selection of harsh, from the side of the confirmation of this nesting Award for the design of the faith, as well as the thoroughness of change. ?? In October 26, 2016, more than 1000 elite from around the country gathered in Beijing, in the "dream" the birthplace of Chinese known as the China National Museum, to attend the seventh session of the forum for academic and nest award awards ceremony, witnessed the birth of honor China high interior design industry. ?? In the field, sina Home Furnishing interviewed decoration (Beijing) Co. is company chief designer Liang Jie. It is decoration (Beijing) Co.,   chief designer;   Liang Jie?? the following is all interview with > > > >?? Sina: Home Furnishing nest award academic forum which is the most attractive to you? ?? Liang Jie: This is a forum for each year to participate in the designer, invited many masters and the doubts, so many excellent designers, together with each other, mutual exchange of learning here together. Sina home: a brief introduction of your entries, the design of the core of the work is what? Liang Jie: this year my work is a small apartment, less than 70 square meters of the two bedroom, and this year the theme of the nest is more fit. The owner is a young couple, worked hard for many years in Beijing to buy a home of their own, the program does not have a specific style, is very simple, simple. Now, a lot of design should not have the boundaries of style, should have character, has the characteristic. At present we have been advocating a permanent and sustainable, as the forum of the teacher, the quality of the house must be stand up to years of experience, over ten years to look at or ten years ago with the same beautiful and comfortable decoration. The decoration is too much to consider the material, form, style, too one-sided. ?? Is the ideal state, regardless of their own home, or friends to your home, give people the feeling is very comfortable, I do not know where the good, but is very comfortable, comfortable in the invisible, and the owner of the character, let a person see it should belong to his home, with the master the characteristics of this could be our future to do. What we call good design, the highest evaluation should be admitted to the owners for two years or three years, it is the most authentic evaluation. Sina home: how designers look at design changes and how to catch up with these changes? ?? Liang Jie: design basically changes four years or five years, at the beginning of 2000? Sometimes, without any decoration and style of the line, is the change of some materials, package window set, pass; four or five years later we began to do, crazy to do modeling, TV background the wall, bedside background wall, continued for many years; four or five years later started to do style, at that time, many designers to understand the style is not so thorough, there is only the Chinese point of view.相关的主题文章:

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