Li Yifeng, Tang Yan, Wu Yifan a second to say what their own love beans rely on the hat concave shap

Li Yifeng Tang Yan Wu Yifan for a second to tell their own love by what hat pose lead: this year who did not overtake star ah, each star on the side of the fans to follow their own gathering in crowds and groups, run airport run activities, but do you think you always follow the star around it is love powder? Wrong! Do not count true love depends on how much you know about their own love beans. (Editor: philtre) now into the winter, the stars have also started their own warm small tips, both the temperature and have the grace of their choice to take a hat to concave shape. It is time to test the true love powder, you fans, you can say a second love their favorite beans usually the kind of hat out of the street? Can you say it? Don’t let Li Yifeng down. There are 3 hats. Li Yifeng’s fans notice, what kind of hat do you guys love? The menu items first look at Li Yifeng street, this peak is really good clothing to wear what are the brightest star in the crowd, but if we add a hat, fashion degree immediately up! Up! Up! Li Yifeng street Li Yifeng street Li Yifeng street Li Yifeng street Li Yifeng street to the answer is C, Li Yifeng seemed to love knitting hat wearing this simple, stylish and warm. Street beat demonstration street demonstration model of a single product recommendation: Belstaff Wu Yifan: said to enjoy you eat moon cake or old rules, please choose from the following 3 hats Wu Yifan often wear that paragraph. The menu items A the answer is, yes, Wuli is every baseball cap enthusiasts, whether it’s wearing or anti wearing a baseball cap, is a hat worn Wu Yifan most times. Wu Yifan with a baseball cap Wu street beat Wu Yifan Yifan wearing a baseball cap, airport street beat Wu Yifan than wearing a baseball cap, knitted hat, baseball cap is more fond of street street, wind of Wu Yifan natural baseball cap down. Single product recommendation: AMI Tang Yan: say you do not know the consequences of the end of the two men of God, together to guess the goddess Tang Yan street shot is the most commonly worn hat. The menu items Tang Yan fans must know the sugar street most often wears a hat is almost a seaman cap, this one of her personal signs, no matter not wearing hat seaman popular, many people, anyway, it was Tang Yan over turn sign up to a cap. Tang Yan private photos wearing seaman cap Tang Yan street beat Tang Yan Tang Yan seaman wearing hat cap hat is more than other seaman neutral, after wearing immediately become full of heroic spirit. Golden girl street wear hat cap street map seaman seaman single product recommendation: Saint Laurent Fan Bingbing finally to sister Fan Ye fans choose Fan Bingbing recently wore a hat from the following 3 kinds of hat bar menu items the answer is C, yes, you did wrong, they often wear the Fan Ye cap Lei Feng street, a few days ago had to participate in the activities of both warm and stylish, seckill the fairy skirt. Fan Bingbing and Dai Leifeng walk the red carpet van ice cap.相关的主题文章:

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