Li Sheng on Gold gold fell to 1322 holiday violence, there is a fall!

Li Sheng on Gold: gold fell to 1322 holiday violence, there is a fall! Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Holiday, always make people relax, careless, to think the flat attached to not start the market, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival people used the blessing and hang out, but some people do not want to put his hand with the list, finally eat a moon cake but lost a car accident occurred in the moon cake money, not always pay attention to the corner, such as the price of gold on Thursday Wednesday of judgment, then attack the city refresh to a low of 1309. The violence pulled up, only for the short sweep on Thursday, the Asia Europe plate almost no too much volatility, Pan Asia rebounded slightly after Europe did not extend this up, I’ve said, Europe depends on the strength of U.S. in the direction of the stock market yesterday, simple, just because I am not in the Mid Autumn Festival the scene, you were in disarray, the Asian plate rising plate broken bottom rebound, the United States is to lure more, while the defense in the 1332 position, the 1327 is the pre plate counter pressure test is high, the 10 day moving average position. The formula, is a knife, use can make delicious dishes, not only murder. Learn to learn well, do not always learn a fur, can not do the market on the strange data, so that the stability ahead of time to run, so do not make money is the norm, the money becomes abnormal. Just after the holiday, don’t want to say you will lose, and I have no surplus semi wool, but since you use the formula to judge, you must know how to go to the U.S. market, breaking the bottom plate, the counter must be empty at night time. Wrong, don’t look at the data before the data! You should only know good or bad, or it will take a little time to calculate or judgment, and now, with the Times published, without a brain, the data appears directly after will tell you the bullish or bearish, but, don’t forget to have a value simple benefit or bad, don’t think you see it is true. For example: the initial jobless claims number, the former value of 259 thousand, is expected to be 265 thousand, the actual value is $260 thousand. U.S. August PPI monthly rate, the former value of -0.4%, expected 0.1%, the actual value of 0%. Greater than the previous value was less than expected, this is not just bad, but fell after the first rise, only more than expected and the previous value is bad, please only at the beginning of the direction below expectations and the previous value is negative, the angle value within a formula must cooperate together with. If only the direction of transaction announcement, and then blindly rush to operation, no counter price before admission, is the first stop to play, this Wednesday’s article "on Jin Sheng Li: the price of gold fell 1320 not surprisingly, top and bottom to convert 1322 empty" very accurate judgment to the 130908 position will support do more, only the first touch at this point is feasible. Rules, can not touch the line, whether it is in the game which is familiar with the rules of the game, or the self-discipline of the work attitude, everything seems to be far away from you and me, but it is very相关的主题文章:

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