Less .plex, More Efficient Data Management With Ibm Optim-govos

.puters-and-Technology Data is the backbone of every business. As a business grows, data be.es a more and more valuable asset. Hence every business has the need to organize data in a meaningful manner and manage it efficiently. However, in todays business scenario data is in digital form and is subject to continuous growth. With data growing rapidly, and multiple laws governing the security and privacy of electronically stored data, organizations are now faced with the twin challenges of handling data growth and ensuring its efficient management. Businesses today therefore need a .prehensive and integrated data management solution that can manage data growth, ensure .plete data security and privacy, and offer a centralized platform to monitor and control access to databases. IBM Optim data management solution .es with these features and much more. With its ability to store data efficiently and minimize risks associated with data privacy, IBM Optim data management solution can .e a long way in tackling the problem of data growth, which can otherwise impair the performance of mission-critical enterprise systems. Apart from managing data growth and supporting data retention through intelligent archiving, IBM Optim data management solution can also successfully: * Bring down costs – IBM Optim data management solution archives infrequently used data from the production environment and stores it on less expensive storage, thus saving more storage space. * Enhance performance by improving efficiency – When data is .pressed and storage space is saved, application performance also improves drastically. Consequently, reports and batch processes run faster and hence back-up and recovery processes also be.e more efficient. * Mitigate risks – While this solution allows businesses to store large amounts of data helping them .ply with the rules governing data retention, it also supports long-term storage of data with intelligent archiving capabilities that enable application-independent access to archived data. Data management in todays scenario is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a deep understanding of what kind of data is important to an organization and what are the best practices to handle such data. Moreover, the stringent laws governing data security also add to this challenge. Hence, IBM Optim data management solution can prove highly beneficial to businesses that are in need of a centralized platform that can take care of all their data management needs and help them over.e all challenges related to data growth, storage, and security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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