Las 21+13 Qibu latche week miss Guangdong victory to send first defeat

Las 21+13 Qibu latche week miss Guangdong victory to send first defeat Xinjiang CBA Highlights – Las 21+13 Sloan 30 Guangdong 117-85 rout of Xinjiang Beijing time on November 18th, the 20162017 season CBA eighth round, Guangdong defeated Xinjiang 117-85 home court. Guangdong Hao take 3 winning streak, Xinjiang suffered the first defeat of the season. Zhou Qi and blatche out, which also led the Xinjiang team strength significantly decreased. Guangdong team Sloan 30 points and 7 assists, Yi Jianlian, 21 points and 13 rebounds, 17 points and 15 rebounds, and he scored a total of 15 points and 4 assists, with a total of 10 points and 5 rebounds for the team, while the Xinjiang team scored a total of 32 points, a total of 9 rebounds and a total of 8 assists in the game, and scored a total of 14 points for the team at the time of the game, with a score of and a total of points for the team, with a total score of. Xinjiang achieved 4 wins and 3 losses record, sixth in the standings, recent status improved significantly; the Xinjiang team record with 7 straight victories to lead, also become the only team league unbeaten team. The Guangdong Xinjiang war winner, is particularly interesting. Because Zhou Qi and bratzel have been sidelined, it also makes the Xinjiang team’s overall strength greatly reduced, to Guangdong is also difficult road overturned. The first section of the game, Ren and Yi Jianlian continuous attack succeeded, Sloan hit three points outside the ball, Guangdong scored a perfect start 11-5. Sloan and Zhou Peng have hit three points three points, Guangdong will further expand the score to 20-13. The Xinjiang team’s offensive is not smooth, the Guangdong team played a more active, Sloan and Zhou Peng jointly take advantage of expanding. The section of Harding Park, Guangdong to lead 26-15. The second section of the game, xirelijiang and Adams have hit three three pointers, Xinjiang will score up into 30-33. Yi Jianlian and Zhou Zhandong hit three points outside the ball, Guangdong 41-30 in one fell swoop to achieve the advantage of the figure of two. Yi Jianlian hit three points, Adams and one after another attack succeeded, Guangdong to 50-40 to maintain the advantage of. Sloan and Zhou Zhandong have hit three points, Guangdong to 56-40 further pull the big difference. Abdou Sarah M and Adams get points, Xinjiang will be close to. Half of Harding Park, Guangdong to lead 58-45. The third quarter of the game, Sloan and Zhou Peng stand out to grab points, hit three points outside the line of the ball, Guangdong to 67-53 ahead of. Sloan and Zhao Rui attack succeeded, Guangdong to 75-55 scored 20 points advantage. Sloan and Ren Junfei cut points, Guangdong to continue to expand the advantages of 82-57. Adams and Lee, Lee scored three points outside the ball to help Xinjiang chase. Boozer storm buckle succeeded to help stabilize the situation in Guangdong. The section of Harding Park, Guangdong to lead 85-65. Small game, Zhou Peng hit three balls, Sloan shot, Guangdong 90-67 to continue to pull big difference on. Three ball Zhao Rui and Yi Jianlian Biao, also make Guangdong the poor will be further widened to 25 points. With Yi Jianlian under the basket attack succeeded, Guangdong team scoring Pobai, 101-75 way ahead. Zhou Zhandong hit three points, Zhou Peng storm buckle succeeded, Guangdong is also far ahead of 108-77, which also makes the game into the garbage time. Guangdong to maintain the final advantage to win 117-85. Guangdong: Sloan, Zhao相关的主题文章:

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