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Kuailu’s platform suspected non absorbing investigation was fully honoured or vanished Sina Financial News on September 13th news, today evening, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau in Changning police informed through micro-blog car _ "in Changning, due to the alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public, Kuailu group under the" deer money "and" the wealth "has been a criminal investigation. Previously, Kuailu has repeatedly said that the latest comprehensive to honor the work started in October 1st, currently from full payment only half a month, the police or the official intervention to honor the work of influence. Police said the responsible person will be in accordance with the law to take coercive measures, and to maximize the recovery of assets involved. Insiders pointed out that, usually in such cases, the police file means that enterprises related to the assets freeze, then according to the investigation and recovery of payment, therefore, Kuailu group had carried out the "special honour" will not continue to advance. In March this year, Kuailu group as a result of the movie "IP MAN 3" the box office was pushed to the storm and then triggered the payment crisis in the teeth of the storm. Different from the e rent treasure, greatly group company, although Kuailu in crisis, but 6 months has not been formally opened by the police, but in front of investors and promised payment scheme. In April 6th, Kuailu group announced that the merger and reorganization plan and strategic cooperation enterprises wholly owned property, the deer wealth platform. In the payment crisis for the first time held a press conference, Kuailu commitment will be announced within two weeks for payment of the 5 billion asset package, including the principle of payment: to honor the work of the fastest in July 1st this year, the late start in October 1st; all the payment will be completed in 2018 March 31st, all payment delay period does not exceed the payment of contract products the 14 months of April 25th, "the chairman of the board of directors elected Kuailu Xu Qi (now retired) announced a $5 billion package of assets kuailu. However, in May 23rd, Suning good times don’t last long, because the application to freeze the Rae bank assets, asset disposal group blocked kuailu. In June, the special Kuailu fails to perform, investors signed a letter questioned kuailu. Subsequently, Kuailu payment process was stalled, the original Guarantee corporation refused to fulfill the security agreement, responsible for the payment matters Xu Qi has exposed a resignation letter, Xu Qi open letter Daliang Kuailu asset details and Kuailu group and the related subsidiary responsible person to honor the work of obstruction. Later, in July 11th, Kuailu announced a number of 9 people involved in 2 billion 500 million yuan of receivable creditor’s rights to recover the list, many of whom are Kuailu insiders or association executives. The announcement also said that with the amount of alleged fraud Hong Kong listed companies, the total amount may reach nearly 3 billion 500 million yuan. In July 22nd, the group released "Shanghai Kuailu Kuailu investment group to honor the stability work team of the 20 billion asset assessment and payment of new publicity" on the official website, said the new deal is still in the drafting of payment, the assessment of the difficulty of 20 billion large package of assets. The early morning of August 26th, Kuailu group announced that as of August 20th, the first batch of Kuailu group about 10 billion 150 million yuan of assets. In terms of payment program, clearly stated in the terms of payment相关的主题文章:

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