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UnCategorized Metal shingles bring the best of two worlds into the roof. On one hand, these are fuss-free durable roofing materials that homeowners can still appreciate 50 years down the road. On the other hand, these are also beautiful roofing materials that can be used for both country and contemporary styles. Choose the metal shingles to be used on your roof since each one has its set of pros and cons, including: – Steel shingles, which are usually galvanized with a zinc coating, have high corrosion-resistant properties. – Stainless steel shingles, which are coated by terne (an alloy of antimony and tin) to make their exteriors matte, have natural anti-corrosive properties. These are sturdy and durable, too, which explains their almost-prohibitive costs. – Aluminum shingles are lighter in weight than their steel and stainless steel counterparts, not to mention more affordable. These also have high corrosion-resistant properties. Take note that these are usually coated with paint to resemble real tiles. – Copper shingles are resistant to corrosion and rust with a patina that adds to their natural beauty with the passage of time. These are beautiful and durable shingles but their high costs prevent many homeowners from buying these products. The surfaces of metal shingles are usually textured and layered for two reasons, namely, to disguise its metallic sheen and to give the tiles character. It must be emphasized that metal shingles are available in both individual tiles and large sheet panels. Metal shingles in general are popular among homeowners and builders because of their inherent benefits including: a. These are not subject to attacks from insects, mold, and rot. Even with their comparatively high costs, these roofing materials will pay for their own way, so to speak. In contrast, low-quality roofing materials will require replacements of virtually the entire roofing structure a few years after installation because pests, water damage, and rot have set in. b. These require little maintenance beyond the occasional hosing down with water to remove accumulated dirt, dust and grime. c. These are highly resistant to the effects of heavy storms, high winds and hail, natural hazards that can prove disastrous for other types of roofing materials. Which one is the best? You decide with the help of a roofing contractor who can discuss the best metal shingles for your home depending on its location, overall style, and other roofing requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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