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Hackers Don’t Play Well With Kids’ Toys Posted By: Robert Siciliano No company is immune from hackers AND mdash;even a toy company. Hong Kong based VTech got hit by a hacker recently. This company makes techy educational toys for kids, and its database got breached. Customers go to the Learning Lodge store and download content to their children AND rsquo;s VTech devices. The devices for downloading to are a tablet, watch and action camera. But recently, this gateway store was attacked. Some customers AND rsquo; private information AND mdash;now in the hands of the hacker AND mdash;may put them at risk for being victims of identity theft or even a crime against their children. The customer database is comprised of people from many countries including the U.S., UK, Canada, China, Latin America, France and Australia. The hacker anonymously contacted the company to reveal what was stolen: customers AND rsquo; names, their kids AND rsquo; names and birthdates, passwords, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, home addresses and even their secret question. And we all know that hackers have been known to find the answer to a secret question by perusing the potential victim AND rsquo;s Facebook posts! At least credit card information wasn AND rsquo;t leaked.

ethical hacker Is Your Daughter Chatting With A Pedophile? Posted By: Robert Siciliano That AND rsquo;s a horrible question to ask. There is a very alarming report on, about a dad who regularly checked on his kids in the middle of the night, and one night at 2 a.m., upon checking his 12-year-old daughter AND rsquo;s room, saw that she was gone. The window was open. He fled down the street where he saw her just about to get into an SUV, which turned out to be driven by a 27-year-old man the girl had met online a month prior. The predator AND rsquo;s name is Scott Stilwell, and he insisted to dad Tim LeBlanc that he was 16. A fight ensued and LeBlanc knocked him out and held him until authorities arrived. What can parents do? Well, it AND rsquo;s fair to wonder why the girl didn AND rsquo;t consider what her dad would do (such as go through the roof with anger) upon discovering her absence AND mdash;unless she had no idea he checked on her every night. So the first thing is to make sure your kids know that you do check up on them. Lay down the rules about what AND rsquo;s off-limits online.

child identity theft Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Your child is active online. Did it ever occur to you that he or she uses a fake name so that they can AND rsquo;t be identified by you? Chances are, you, the parent, also uses a pseudonym. It AND rsquo;s very common. Cyberspace is full of obvious pseudonyms, but a phony name can also be a regular name that many people have. Your child will be lost in a sea of David Johnsons or Amanda Millers. Intel Security did a study and found that 40 percent of kids use aliases or alternate accounts. Intel Security also found: Many kids fessed up to cyberbullying, including making threats. Far fewer parents in the survey, however, believed their kids were capable of cyberbullying. Over 25 percent of the kids admitted they AND rsquo;d meet someone in person after first meeting them online. Wayne State also conducted a study: Over 50 percent of juvenile respondents admitted to tracking or stalking a romance partner or harassing/bullying them. Parents really need to monitor their kids AND rsquo; cyber lives. However, there are obstacles facing parents such as being intimidated by technology and feeling awkward requesting their kids AND rsquo; passwords.

kids online safety Things To Tell Your Kids About Privacy Online Posted By: Robert Siciliano Those were the days when all parents had to worry about was the creepy guy lurking near the playground. Now parents have to worry about creeps all over the world reaching their kids via computer. And there AND rsquo;s more to worry about. Here AND rsquo;s what to teach your kids: Screen names should not be revealing about location, age or even gender. Never use the full name. Choose a name that would never outright point to the user, such as AND ldquo;Chris J, AND rdquo; when everyone knows the user as Tina Jones. AND ldquo;Chris AND rdquo; can make Tina (Christina) still feel connected to the screen name. And AND ldquo;sweetcheeks AND rdquo; isn AND rsquo;t a good screen name for anyone, especially a kid. Before posting anything, make sure the answer would be AND ldquo;yes AND rdquo; if asked if your grandmother would approve. Deleting an image or comment doesn AND rsquo;t mean it AND rsquo;s removed from cyberspace. While it was up, it could have been shared and recirculated. The No. 1 rule is: Once it AND rsquo;s online, it AND rsquo;s permanently there, no matter what you do with it afterwards. Don AND rsquo;

kids online safety Inflatable Rentals Tampa Four Things To Consider While Placing Order Posted By: GLF Four important things you need to consider while looking out for inflatable rentals Tampa that can allow you to successfully place order. It’s part time! Enjoy party and let your kids enjoy the party by playing in bounce house. Gaining details about inflatable rentals Tampa can help you out to place order aptly. In Tampa, finding bounce house for kids is not difficult if you know the party theme. Depending on event you are organizing you need to select the theme that can properly match with your party. Inflatable rentals are always considered as better option because it can keep kids busy and can allow you to enjoy party thoroughly. Find inflatable rentals Tampa depending on your budget. Quality is something you should always give first priority because it is matter of your kids safety. Hygiene is again crucial factor to be considered while looking for inflatable rental options. Following are four things you need to keep in mind which placing order for inflatable rentals in Tampa: Find experienced company Look for the company that has good amount of experience in dealing with bounce house.
Inflatable rentals Tampa Four A Quarter Of All Underage Kids Will Meet With Complete Strangers Posted By: Robert Siciliano According to a new Intel Security study, more than 2,000 American parents and kids ages 8-16 were surveyed to unveil some interesting things. 79% of the juvenile respondents learned online safety from their parents. 35% of them said they AND rsquo;ve been a cyberbully. 27% of them said they have met, or would meet, a person in real life who they initially met online. Technology is often blamed for all of this. But what drives these behaviors is the same force that drives the schoolyard bully to trip the bookworm and steal his lunch, or the lonely girl to get into a stranger AND rsquo;s car after school: parenting! Parents need to get more involved and bone-up on their cyber smarts! Because, according to our kids, 79% of them learn online safety from you AND mdash;the parent Your kids want a social media account? Great AND mdash;you get to have their password in exchange. Leave no other deal on the table. Did you know it AND rsquo;s legal for parents to use monitoring software on their kids AND rsquo; devices? Monitoring isn AND rsquo;t a break in trust. It AND rsquo;s simply an exercise in smart parenting.

cyber crime Posted By: Robert Siciliano What if you knew there existed a possibility that some company, without your knowledge, grabbed a photo of your child and put it on their product and then put their product online for sale? Koppie Koppie sells coffee mugs with photos of kids on them AND mdash;and YOUR child could be one. Though this begs the question, who on earth would want a coffee mug with a photo of a stranger AND rsquo;s child on it, there AND rsquo;s actually a market for this. Koppie Koppie has taken photos of kids from Flickr. Koppie Koppie is actually more of a social experiment, says the duo who run the site at The pair claim that the drive was to raise awareness of privacy issues, yet at the same time, insist that they haven AND rsquo;t done anything wrong because they haven AND rsquo;t violated Flickr AND rsquo;s rules. The images that Koppie AND rsquo;s founders use come with the Creative Commons licensing rights: Commercial re-use is not restricted. Though what Koppie Koppie has done is actually legal, it still counts as a violation of the rights of the parents of those kids.

kids online safety Spy On Your Kids Yes Or No Posted By: Robert Siciliano

kids safety Buying A Residential Bounce House For Sale And Keeping Your Children Safe Posted By: vikimoltz
Bounce House for Sale Selecting Right Type Of Bounce House Rentals Tampa Posted By: GLF In this article some of the points related to finding right bounce house rentals Tampa are discussed. City Tampa is loaded with fun loving outdoor activities which are enjoyed by majority of people living here then be it young crowd, kids or old age people. Organizing party in Tampa means you cannot miss fun quotient. Be it birthday party or anniversary party, if you want to keep your kids busy then bounce house rentals Tampa can be the right option. Bounce house are fun but only when you take it on rent from right resource. There are several types of bounce house available in online market that can drive you crazy and make selection very difficult. In such case all you need to do is keep in mind the requirement of party and then select the bounce house. Following are some of the ways to select right type of bounce house rentals Tampa: Settle on with reason for finding bounce house Why exactly you need bounce house on rent? It is important to find the reason so that you can carry out research work accordingly.
bounce house rentals tampa Totally Free Reverse Cellphone Ebook For Mobile Telephones Posted By: Modesto Prince However, if you do not have accessibility to the amount, the you must try out to hold out until the telephone bill comes and get a appear to see if you can uncover the amount. The Reverse phone detective will save businesses the expense of losing a sale over skipped calls. The support offers a refund for people who discover the solution faulty and it also gives e mail client assist. For a support equivalent to this 1, check Reverse Cellular and Reverse Cellphone Number Scan. Prior to you obtain any on-line solution although, you should check out the Reverse Telephone Detective Assessment at If you suspect your spouse or spouse might be cheating on you then carrying out a reverse number appear up may help you get the responses you need to have. For all the fathers out there, you can operate a history check out employing a reverse phone look up to find out if the boy has any felony qualifications. When I finally arrived across Reverse E-mail Look for and strike the search button I was in a position to get the deal with, landline mobile phone amount and cell variety.

phone detective Deep Watering Our Children Posted By: Shiloh Lundahl, LMSW

children facing adversity Picking Advice Of Lego Posted By: Sadye Schultz 0 provides to its developing purchaser base is your youngsters creativeness. Boys spend a lot of their time using their imaginations to create dream worlds of fun and possible future. This toy is very portable, you can carry it anywhere, even when travelling, you can slip it into your travelling bag so that you can use it any time you want. What you get is a slimmed down version of the old Movie Maker but for simple animations this is all you need (for serious users try Movie Maker version 2. The Lego Hogwarts board game makes a great gift; get the family involved in an unforgettable game. This is really a fantastic game that will not only employ a child’s imagination but enhance it as well. There are a few Star Wars figures that are available for the first time with this version of the Death Star, including new versions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Storm Trooper gear. The design of the LEGO bricks may come in a vast variety, however, they all comprise one universal system. However, modern video games have become very popular that kids starting to lose their interests in the old-school construction toys.

lead generation email Explore Refreshing Bed Sheets, Curtains, Table Linen & Kids Apron Online- Swayam India Posted By: Deepanshu Choosing a colorful and modern home furnishing collection that is engaging the attention is not enough. As your comfort plays a very important role for the furnishing segment especially during this spring with majority of house wives focusing on turning their house into a stress less environment with some cool and refreshing bed sheets and cushion covers to solve all the purpose rather than blinded by the looks of the modern collection. Swayam has introduced the process of refreshment with a collection which is not only attractive but also reaching corners for comfort. Spring is in the air and can offer you a complete makeover for your whole house with some cool AND amp; refreshing summer collection with Swayam. The products with the major focus are bed sheets and curtains since; they believe the best way to create a stress free environment is by offering a sound sleep, by far is meeting customer expectations petty easily. A fresh new look for even stale furniture with some dynamic colors and designer patterns is not that far, avoiding any waste with Swayam.

Bedsheet Sets Online Posted By: Rene

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Grass Mats Choosing Boys’ Bathers – Go For Attractive And Protective Posted By: Rina Davis Kids, especially boys, think they can do anything and nothing can hurt them. They prefer to run around and play outside with as minimal clothes as possible (especially during summer season). This is because they feel free and are more comfortable this way. And rubbing them with lotion seems impossible unless you pin them or tie them and their reason for this is that they feel that their indestructible and that a mere sun cannot hurt their skin. However, complaints will be often when they realize how painful it is to get their skin burnt. Nowadays, sun protective swimwear pieces are getting popular and popular as kids as young as possible are encouraged to take swimming lessons. Good thing though, there are lots of products out there that are designed and meant to give protection to young kids against all the elements at play today. When going to the beach, young boys don’t even bother to pack their swimwear pieces. This is because they actually don’t have any specific attire to wear like young girls who wear bathing suits and swimwear. With boys, a simple short will do just fine.

Platypus Australia Swimwear Green Real Estate Investment: What You Ought To Search For Posted By: prophelper An eco-friendly house may not be common but it is very interesting especially for investors. Eco friendly properties are known not just for being a safer choice but also for its budget saving feature. It will help home owners save money by lowering the prices on sources like electricity. For instance, the power saving green features can substantially bring down the electricity bills. Likewise, water saving attributes can ensure lowered water bills and so on. So, next time when you begin hunting for a suitable environment friendly property, these are the features you should look for. * Be sure the property is insulated with recyclable materials. This would make sure that the house does not undergo extreme temperature fluctuations due to the outside weather conditions. Windows are acknowledged to be one of the leading culprits here. They cause transfer of heat; thus, it leads to high heating and cooling bills. Get a home with double-pane windows with great insulating properties. * An environment friendly furnace is yet another feature of green real estate. This would allow you to easily and cost-effectively heat your house. Check if it has an efficient thermostat.

St. Marys What To Consider When Buying Furniture And Costumes For Kids Posted By: Jackdorson Parents find it often difficult to buy products or accessories for their kids that suit their budget and preferences. Buying kids bedroom furniture for that matter needs some planning and consideration of different factors before actually deciding to buy one. The first and the most important thing is to know the correct size of the room so that you can place things that create a healthy and safe atmosphere for the kids when they spend time there. Considering preferences from your kid is vital as it means a lot to them. Their likes and dislikes can help you decide to buy furniture that the kids will likely accept and be happy with. Durability factor is important when considering such products. Kids like to play around and sometimes cause considerable damage. Therefore, taking utmost care on deciding what to choose is significant. When purchasing kids bedroom furniture, the most important factor is of the furniture is safety.

Kids bed furniture Some Best Tips For Choosing Kids Toys Posted By: Carol Howard Most people these days face a tough time when choosing the best toys for kids. This is due to the wide variety available on the market. This is also the reason parents choose anything for their kids. The key is to buy toys that ensure physical and mental development of a child. These days, most toys are manufactured keeping in mind the age group, interests, and special requirements of children. Most of these kids toys are sold online. Buying from kid"s toys online shop not only saves you time, it can also facilitate you find a huge variety of specialist toys, unique games, and other toys that may not be easily available in retail outlets. Whether you wish to surprise your child with his favourite cartoon character or pick something that is durable and holds the interest of a child for a long time, kid"s toys online shop will offer you everything. offers a huge range of educational toys and those that inspire creativity and imagination in a child. Regardless of your requirement or child"s age, you’re sure to find all you’re looking for online.

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