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Reference-and-Education Kiddo Headquarters Play School is a pre school located in Indirapuram, the most prominent locality in the region of Ghaziabad. This play school works toward the hesitation and building up the confidence of the child by regular stage exposure. This helps the school in transforming every kid at Kiddo Headquarters in to a Super Kid. The school is spread over an area of 4500 sq. ft. and has beautifully decorated classrooms .prising of the articles that interests the children. Kiddo Headquarters Play School is an English medium and a co-educational play school that serves the educational needs of the tiny tots in order to develop them into a better citizen of tomorrow. The school provides the world class facilities to the students who are the part of the campus. The school promotes emotional, intellectual, physical and cognitive development of the kids by means of the play based activities that are .bined with modern teaching aids. Kiddo Headquarters lay a tremendous emphasis on the methods for delivering education in .bination with the focus on the method adopted by teachers to educate the students. Though the students cannot pay attention in the class for as long as adult may do, the school still approaches them with innovation, imagination and fun. They ensure that the teaching is well absorbed and retained by the young and developing minds. Apart from the direct teaching, the teachers also pay a special attention towards tapping the subconscious mind of many kids so that they might learn there best. Thus, it can be said that the curriculum of Kiddo Headquarters include a variety of intriguing activities that stimulates early brain development. The keen focus on creative play makes the student have a truly magical experience at Kiddo Headquarters. The school arranges regular medical check up, which is done by expert doctors and has a medical tie up with Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Vaishali. The school also maintains a splash pool and a ball pool for the enjoyment of kids and maintains a mini auditorium for various celebrations or events. The school also offers a transportation facility to ensure the .plete safety of the toddlers. The school follows a modern technique of imparting learning. Away from the conventional approach of classroom teaching, the school does not involve any classroom learning in its curriculum. The school considers play as there priority. Through these play activities they instill in your child the social and school skills. The playground consists of number of swings and slides where students love to spend their time. One can even call Kiddo Headquarters as their second home where learning remains the essential .ponent. The school ensures a .fortable time for the kids with home like ease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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