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SEO You should understand the concept of keyword density as it is your means of interaction with the search engines. If your keyword does not appear enough times within your content, the search engines will ignore your web site and your content. In case you sprinkle your keyword or key phrases within your article too heavily, the search engines will believe that you’re spamming and penalize you for that. But don’t get worried about this while you are writing. Just write normally about your subject with out actually giving keyword density a real thought. After you have edited your prose at least one time, then take a couple of minutes to read the content and determine the density. Simply put, it is a way of measuring how many times a particular word appears in an article. Keyword density is generally expressed as a percentage. You can determine it yourself, or perhaps use a keyword density tool . The perfect range is between 2 percent and 5 percent. To calculate the keyword density in a particular document, count how many times the word shows up in the writing. Then separate the word number by the amount of words within the content. Then multiply that result by 100 and you’ll have the keyword density. For instance, say that your keyword appears at 14 occasions in a 600 words article. 14/600 equals 0.023. Then multiply 100 x 0.023 and you’ll have a keyword density of 2.3%. Almost all word processing applications will actually count the total words within your content, making the keyword density a lot easier to determine. Otherwise as previously pointed out you can use a keyword analysis density tool . If you have kinda overused your word, you will be able to use the famous find and replace functionality, along with a thesaurus, to get rid of some of the keywords and phrases. If it doesn’t show up often enough, modify a few of the word and phrase replacements to your keyword. Even when my keyword came in at the aforementioned 2.3%, I might choose to substitute a few of the synonyms to strengthen my keyword density. But I will only decide to do that if it looks natural and certainly not stilted. An important approach for driving visitors to your website is by using of articles. As an important tool for web marketing, the articles may be used on your web site, on some other websites. The important principle to bear in mind is that keyword density will help you to achieve optimum results from your articles. You actually do need to consider the keyword density on all of your web content material. It is so important to maximize the impact that your content articles may have in reaching your audience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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