Ji’nan fear of children suffering from injections of sick mother hospital run his son footman

Ji’nan: fear of children sick mother holding needles hurt son – run hospital Beijing 25 afternoon, Ji’nan is under a heavy rain, the coolness of autumn, the streets have to hide in the room. Jiyang County Cui Zhai Zhen Wu Da Cun Yan and the village folks are running around in the rain, they are looking for Mr. Yan has been missing for four days for his wife and son. 22 in the morning, Mr. Yan with a son of the age of 6 in Qilu Hospital to see a doctor, suffering from mental illness, his wife is afraid of the child will be an injection pain, suddenly ran the child holding. When a reporter came the good news, Mr. Yan’s wife and son missing for four days just to find Guo town in Licheng district. Qilu Evening News reporter Zheng Shuai registered the empty wife and son disappeared 25 days afternoon, Qilu Evening News reporter saw Mr. Yan and his fellow. The four men were tired and their hair, clothes and shoes were wet through, apparently from the heavy rain. Mr. Yan, he is Jiyang County Cui Zhai Zhen Wu Village, "the 6 year old child, kidney trouble, body dropsy. The doctor said that the disease is not light, we have from the county hospital transferred to the Qilu Hospital. 22 early in the morning we came to the Qilu Hospital." Mr. Yan said, when the child has been seriously ill. 9 or so, Mr. Yan in the hospital lobby to the child registration, when the child is taken care of by his wife. When Mr. Yan hang after the number, suddenly found his wife and children are gone. "We all lined up together, the staff asked me to fill in personal information of what, I looked down and wrote a few words of time, looked back at the man disappeared." Found his wife disappeared, Mr. Yan hurried out. However, because many people in the hospital, Mr. Yan is also the wife did not know which direction to go, in the vicinity has been looking for, but never found, but only reported to the police. The wife has the mental illness to worry the child to inject the pain child to be sick very seriously, when mother how can take the child to run from the hospital? Yan introduction, his wife suffering from intermittent mental illness, especially from childhood to children, with the child ran because his wife can not bear to see the child crying when the injection. The wife has intermittent mental illness has been more than ten years, she is very fond of the child, afraid of the child injection pain, before also often stop to see a child. But the child is now very sick, do not see not." According to Mr. Yan village with Mr. Liu, Mr. Yan’s wife was a southerner, married seven or eight years ago in the village, spirit is not normal, do not communicate with people. "I don’t know how to talk to people, but I’m a southerner." Mr. Liu said that the village people do not know how to her, but they know that she is very spoiled children. "Although she is not normal, she is very painful. The child is now six or seven years old, usually at home has been holding back or holding, send their children to school when the teacher can not see the past, she put the child down." Liu said that this time the child ran away, is afraid of the child when the treatment of pain. Yan told reporters that his wife will often find a way to get lost, but never forget the child, always take the child with him. "Lost every year dozens of times, before in the village.相关的主题文章:

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