Jiangxi Isuzu Tibet Tour perfect ending crycry

Jiangxi Isuzu Tibet tour is the perfect ending in Tibet, the sky is very blue, very beautiful, is a self driving tourist destination, life must go on a trip. Tibet self driving vehicle is all kinds of, but to say that the best of every hue, none other than the car in Tibet or non hardcore off-road. Now, a hundred years car brand in order to better show the Isuzu’s hardcore off-road vehicles for the whole road in charm, 100th birthday occasion, arranged 8 days of "heart Yue hundred years, Tibet tour of heaven". A dream in the heart, be afraid of the obstacles in August 22nd, consisting of 4 cars and 4 vehicles in Jiangxi mu-X Jiangxi Isuzu Isuzu D-MAX Tibet quest team, starting from Chengdu, take 318 Sichuan Tibet line, all the way to the west, across Luding, Yajiang, eight places, zogang, Bomi, Tangmai, Linzhi 20 counties, Lhasa dream. During the Jiangxi Isuzu fleet in the unique style of Sichuan Tibet line and enjoy 318 unforgettable beauty, many times by the risk of landslide area, which requires not only the driver has good driving skills and mentality, but also has a "God of all aspects of good car". As a hardcore off-road SUV and high-end pickup, Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X and D-MAX adopt non bearing body + combination of low speed and high torque drive, diesel engine, reasonable adjustment of vehicle suspension, therefore, roll in the mud, sand Sahuan through rivers are even collapse rockfall be nothing difficult, most dangerous: Haitong ditch, the whole team the brake, turn, accelerate the action smoothly through the Haitong ditch. At the same time, the excellent performance of these two cars also show incisively and vividly, and even provide a comfortable ride. The mysteries of nature, enjoy the other side of the world in Tibet, away from the noisy city, washing troubled mind; a smile, a wisp of Xinxiang, you have a quiet world. The home of the soul of Lhasa, in more than 3700 meters above sea level, a strong religious atmosphere and a long history of the ruins of people vertigo". Also, the winding magnificent Lancang River, Nu River, the cry of the swift blue you Mi Wu lake, breathtaking "Nu River ninety-nine abduction, mysterious glacier, snow mountain scenery and so on millions of gullies on, let Jiangxi team Isuzu breath stunning, may the hearts of heaven and earth tremor landscape flick tired mind. Although the scenery is good, not a good car has become castles in the air. Gasoline vehicles as long as the altitude of more than 3000+ in the altitude of the plateau, there will be altitude sickness, power attenuation; elevation, the higher the altitude, the more severe reaction, ignition point, power output difficult. The diesel car for the plateau reaction can be well adapted to, there are few adverse reactions. Large size full road SUV mu-X and D-MAX are concentrated in high-end pickup Jiangxi Isuzu hundred years war of the essence of heavyweight product. Two models are equipped with diesel engine, the whole trip performance, whether it is at an altitude of 2400 meters, 4014 meters above sea level of the mountain city, the world high altitude Zheduoshan, Litang 4298 meters 4338 meters above sea level, La mountain 4658 meters above sea level, industry pull mountain at an altitude of 4659 meters above sea level, curved scissors hill 4685 meters, 4 meters above sea level of haizishan.相关的主题文章:

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