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Jiang Qinqin "a spoon" Tokyo China film week won the best actress awards – Sohu entertainment Jiang Qinqin Jiang Qinqin and Shimada Yoko Jiang Qinqin won the golden crane photo background actress Sohu entertainment news 26, the 2016 Tokyo film week China golden crane award announced in Tokyo, the movie "Jiang Qinqin with a spoon" won the best actress award, this Jiang Qinqin after the seventh session of the United Kingdom as the international Chinese Film Festival "Vientiane actress", after the first "Jinyang prize" of the Macao International Film Festival "Jinyang film", third times for a "spoon" won the best actress. Shimada Yoko Jiang Qinqin has worked with the guests of quoted speech on the day of the ceremony, Jiang Qinqin dressed in a textured dress elegant debut, awarding the prize to Jiang Qinqin Shimada Yoko and Jiang Qinqin played together the movie "hero Zheng", two people again after a lapse of 16 years with the box. In the speech on the scene, Jiang Qinqin is the first to say hello to everyone in Japanese, the word of thanks, and quoted Yasujiro Otsu saying "good movie is left aftertaste", encourage everyone tasting good movies. Jiang Qinqin "a spoon" won three winner Yan value and strength of coexistence of true goddess Jiang Qinqin was born in Chongqing, has created numerous classic works, because of its fresh soft classical temperament attracted many eyes, with her natural acting ability to conquer the discerning audience. In the movie "a spoon", played by Jiang Qinqin farmer in the film sliver daughter-in-law face two Tuo Zi Zhi, Gaoyuanhong, speaking a dialect, a vivid interpretation of the rural bumpkin woman, a lot of friends in the movie, called Jiang Qinqin a "best actress" performance, "the invisible acting". Prior to this, she also because of many excellent works and won the twenty-sixth Chinese drama flying award winner, twenty-third gold, Tenth China popular actress Golden Phoenix performing arts film institute and other awards, is a "face value" and acting both faction actress. It is reported that Jiang Qinqin will be the next movie perfect how beautiful, the TV series, the "Sea Shepherd" in succession with the audience, but also we look forward to her once again acting outbreak.相关的主题文章:

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