Jane Zhang 8 wedding, Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei and other groups of bridesmaids-imjpmig

Zhang Liangying 8, Liu Yifei Wang Luodan and Tan Weiwei wedding bridesmaids Group Los Angeles (Mao Yuqian) today (11 8), Zhang Liangying and Feng Ke will hold a wedding in Italian, Tencent Entertainment exclusive access to a group of the welcome banquet map. Among them, Feng Ke intimate hand Jane Zhang debut, two people spoke like visible, photo and Tang Yan to more. It is reported that, in addition to Tang Yan, Zhou Bichang and other friends have to help out, Jane Zhang today’s wedding bridesmaids lineup is quite luxurious, in the music circle of Tan Weiwei and pan Chenjun in the column, but Liu Yifei and Wang Luodan was also in the list. The wedding invitations have earlier exposure, with notes of signs printed on the invitation purple, Jane Zhang and Feng Keer’s initials (Jane and Michael). The invitation is open, showing a group of three-dimensional castle. Feng Ke and Jane Zhang want to know this group of Sichuan full wedding is where the shot? Ha ha, "Chengdu has a WeChat entertainment" official reply, "Jane Zhang" we tell you! Scan two-dimensional code concern a Chengdu entertainment"

张靓颖8日大婚 刘亦菲王珞丹谭维维等组伴娘团 腾讯娱乐讯(文 毛予倩)今日(11月8日),张靓颖与冯轲将在意大利举行婚礼,腾讯娱乐独家获得一组欢迎晚宴的内场图。其中,冯轲贴心牵手张靓颖登场,两人上台致辞的模样清晰可见,更有和唐嫣举杯的合影。据悉,除了唐嫣、周笔畅等好友特意前往助阵外,张靓颖今日大婚的伴娘团阵容也相当豪华,同处音乐圈的谭维维和潘辰均在列,而刘亦菲和王珞丹竟也在伴娘名单中。这场婚礼的请柬也于早前曝光,带有音符标志的紫色请柬上,印着张靓颖和冯轲二人名字的缩写(Jane和Michael)。请柬打开后,则呈现一组立体的城堡模样。想知道冯轲和张靓颖这组川味十足的婚纱照是在哪里拍的吗?哈哈,关注“成都有条娱”官方微信,回复“张靓颖”我们告诉你!扫描二维码关注“成都有条娱”相关的主题文章:

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