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Iran Coach: China research training in the absence of the main team [] all video planning inventory of Iraq’s 5 largest Asian Cup draw with Iran winning a penalty against Shenyang in September 4th (the sports Tencent Zhao Yu) "I still remember that game, China team played very well." Iran coach Carlos recalled with Portugal with China team fights when said, he said he will pay much attention to the Chinese team, and the study of the Chinese team all the video game. This afternoon, the Iran team trained in the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center field. The team has only 12 substitute players and the goalkeeper, participated in the Qatar team with the main players in the hotel to carry out the training of the recovery of the 3. Iran’s 30 year old veteran on the dja game injured, another member of the flu that two people can participate in the same China team also can make nothing of it. Carlos also did not give a clear statement during the interview, but said they are actively treatment. Iran will train for six years ago, Carlos had led the Portuguese team played against the Chinese team, he has been impressed by the game. "You look at my head. I lost a lot of hair. That’s the time. I remember the game, the Chinese team played very well. We were at the world cup and the North Korean team, so look for the Chinese team warm-up, the Chinese team let us know how to compete with Asian teams." Coincidentally, the Chinese team coach was also Gao Hongbo. Now, the two meet again, but Carlos became the coach of Iran, Gao Hongbo had won the battle, led the Orangemen twelve games. "We’ve been working on the Chinese team since the group came out, and we’ve been watching almost all the games. Now we have only three days to prepare for the time, we will seriously prepare for war." Carlos said.相关的主题文章:

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