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"IPO Easy Access" or create unfair the opinion leaders of sina finance (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Cao Zhongming if the relevant enterprises will be successful three years after the change of registration, so it became a speculative enterprise poverty alleviation will advance, to advance the use of the tools listed". Moreover, in fact, this can only produce a pulse type of poverty reduction effect, and can not have a lasting effect. For supporting local enterprises, and can not have a positive effect. The day before, the Commission issued the "China Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation strategy service opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). According to the opinions, the Commission will be the first public offering of shares in poor areas, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other green channel. The IPO green channel is mainly refers to the poor areas of the country will be applicable to the enterprise IPO, namely, that the trial, the trial that is issued policy. I think, IPO green channel or unfair. Although the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market listed companies has more than 3000, but from the remote and poor areas of the listed company is not much, and like Shanghai, Zhejiang, more developed Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces of the economic, the number of listed companies is called as "ox hair". For example, Guangdong listed companies reached 424, Zhejiang reached 299, while Tibet and Qinghai, respectively, only a total of 11, the 10, compared to very poor. Even in the new three board, the number of enterprises accounted for a small proportion of poor areas. For example, the number of new board listed companies have nearly ten thousand, and according to statistics, registered in the poor areas of the three new board companies only 131, almost negligible. Therefore, in the top of precise poverty, precise poverty background, regulators launched IPO Easy Access in poor areas and poor areas so that more companies can Chinese among the capital market, allowing it to enjoy the feast of capital, the meaning behind it is self-evident. From the perspective of poverty alleviation, and the opening of IPO Easy Access is necessary, however, from the perspective of capital market play the function of optimizing the allocation of resources, whether it is economically developed areas, or in poor areas, can not be divorced from this purpose. Moreover, even from poor areas of the enterprise, its listing also have to reach the standard IPO. In this regard, there can be no so-called green channel, otherwise, is not responsible for the capital market, is not responsible for investors. On the other hand, at present in the Commission pending queue up to hundreds of enterprises. A company from the queue to the final audit, often need to wait for several years. Because of this, some can not afford or because of changes in the market of the enterprise, or eventually go backdoor listing shortcut, but also because the conditions do not meet the need to terminate the IPO trip. Therefore, a company from the queue will be reviewed, the time cost is very large. The launch of the supervision department reported that the trial, namely "policy on poverty area, means that the queue can enter the audit program immediately, and for those years queuing enterprises, no doubt there is unfair)相关的主题文章:

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