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IPhone  7 official renderings leaked   appearance finally confirmed (Figure) –IT– people.com.cn original title: appearance finally confirmed iPhone 7 official renderings leaked with Apple’s new fall conference approaching, rumors about a variety of iPhone 7 has gradually been confirmed. Just after the official website of the Hongkong Apple revealed the new iPhone will be named iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, another netizen released ahead of the iPhone 7 official renderings, but show the shape and past exposure of the spy does not have what difference, including some of the same camera convex, on the back of the antenna is designed in the the upper and lower ends of the edge, indeed canceled the 3.5mm headset interface. The renderings exposure the exposure of the iPhone 7 official renderings, allegedly from the official press conference tomorrow morning to demo video of the interception, so the authenticity should be relatively high, but unfortunately only the back part of the picture. However, in appearance and leak past network of spy photos can not see what difference, some of the same camera bulge, showing a "Volcano" style, is next to the microphone and LED flash, at the bottom of the fuselage did cancel the 3.5mm headset interface. Of course, the leaked iPhone 7 renderings of the most attractive places, or the edge of the antenna design in the upper and lower ends of the body part, which is in contrast to the outgoing iPhone 7 positive iPhone 6S change is not the case, the best way to distinguish the two generation models. In addition, although the left and right ends in the Lightning interface of the machine appeared in the opening two loudspeakers, but allegedly still single speaker actual design, at the same time as the perspective of the reason, the exposure of the rendering is the silver version, rather than rumors cancelled deep space gray. Packing box spy photos leaked at the same time, there are users on the Post Bar exposed iPhone 7 box spy, and display the positive box highlights the back design of the new machine, plus a single camera configuration, so it should be 4.7 inches iPhone 7. Although some people on the side of the package "iPhone" is different than in the past, and speculate on the authenticity is not high, but had some friends in Post Bar said like this box of iPhone 7 is what we see, is printed on the front of the back image of the new machine. In addition, according to the latest disclosure of Vietnamese media Tinhte news that the iPhone 7 Home key is indeed touch type, increased matte black and piano black two new color. Cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole, while the LED flash is increased to 4. At the same time as SIM Cato will use waterproof rubber seal design, so also confirmed that the iPhone will provide 7 IPX7 waterproof argument. All 3GB memory and iPhone 7 for Guo Mingchi is still 2GB ram, and iPhone 7Pl)相关的主题文章:

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