Inventory! Sex that makes you blush her secret shishangqiyi

Inventory! Sex that makes you blush in her secret sex, whether it is physical or psychological will appear a series of changes, man’s genitals will become large, so women’s genitals what changes will occur? Change one: the vagina grows longer, the upper end of Bian Kuan’s vagina connects to the uterus, and the lower end is the vaginal orifice. Women usually have 7 to 12 centimeters of vagina, and the width can hold two fingers. There are many transverse folds in the vaginal wall. In sexual excitement, the length and width of the vagina can be increased by 3 times, and the phenomenon of difficult to accommodate male genitalia can not occur. Change two: vaginal temperature will rise, under normal circumstances, the average temperature of the vagina is 37 degrees Celsius, but in the excitement of congestion, the vaginal temperature will rise rapidly to 38.5 degrees Celsius, so that the male blood flow acceleration, excitement. Women lie, horizontal vaginal bed and downward angle of 15 degrees. Three changes: the vagina will "change" in the course of life, women suffer foreplay after stimulation, the vagina will be lengthened and the expansion of cervix and uterine body is slowly pulled over backwards. Due to vascular congestion, vaginal wall color will change from the original into deep purple red purple, also secrete love liquid. Change four: vaginal fluid will appear, when sexual excitement comes, the vagina will continue for 2 – 4 seconds of spasm contraction, and then began to regularly contraction, interval is 0.8 seconds. At the same time, a large number of liquid secretion, to help play a role in lubrication. After sex, when will the vagina recover? After sexual love, the muscle tension of the body gradually relaxed, blood vessel congestion gradually dissipated. This phase usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Vaginal color also has been restored from deep purple red to purple red in peacetime, this process needs 10 – 15 minutes.

盘点!啪啪啪时那些让你脸红心跳的她的秘密   在进行房事时,无论是生理还是心理都会出现一系列变化,男人的生殖器会变大,那么女人的私处会出现哪些变化呢?   变化一:阴道会变长变宽   阴道的上端连接着子宫,下端是阴道口。平时女性的阴道长7―12公分,宽度可容纳两个手指。阴道壁有许多横行的褶皱,在性兴奋时,阴道的长度和宽度能增加3倍,不会出现难以容纳男性生殖器的现象。   变化二:阴道会升温   正常情况下,阴道的平均温度为37摄氏度,但在兴奋充血时,阴道内的温度会迅速上升到38.5摄氏度,让男性血流加速、兴奋不已。女性平躺时,阴道与床的水平面呈向下的15度角。   变化三:阴道会“变色”   在性生活过程中,女性受到前戏刺激后,阴道会加长和膨胀,子宫颈和子宫体也缓慢地被拉向后上方。由于血管充血,阴道壁的颜色也会发生变化,由原来的淡紫红色变为深紫红色,同时分泌出爱液。   变化四:阴道会出现液体   在性兴奋来临时,阴道先会持续2―4秒的痉挛收缩,然后开始有规律的收缩,间隔为0.8秒。同时,爱液大量分泌,帮助起到润滑作用。   性爱后,阴道什么时候会恢复?   性爱后,身体的肌肉紧张逐步松弛,血管充血逐步消散。这一阶段往往持续5―10分钟。阴道颜色也得到恢复,从深紫红色变回平时的淡紫红色,这一过程需要10―15分钟。相关的主题文章:

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