Indonesia to investigate whether Google tax evasion doubt last year alone to pay $400

Indonesia investigate whether Google suspected of tax evasion: last year alone pay less $400 million U.S. Tencent Francisco large technology companies, the past has been criticized for tax avoidance in many countries and regions in the world, taxes paid by the poor. Not long ago, the EU ordered apple in Ireland, must pay $14 billion 500 million in taxes. According to foreign media news, Indonesia is also preparing to let Google (micro-blog) to pay the tax, allegedly in 2015 alone, Google should pay taxes as high as $400 million. According to the British Reuters reported that the Indonesian tax authorities believe that last year, Google actually pay income tax and value-added tax, equivalent to only 0.1% of the amount should be paid. Last week, Indonesian officials announced that the tax authorities will investigate the taxes owed by Google. Google has received a lot of online advertising revenue in Indonesia, but did not pay enough taxes. Indonesian officials Hanif (Muhammad Hanif) said that in April this year, the Indonesian government tax department had given Google company from Indonesia, required to start the investigation, but the Google Corporation refused to provide assistance to move this dubious. The official said, according to the survey, the earliest Google Indonesia taxes will start at the end of September. Google Indonesia branch was established in 2011, in the face of tax criticism, the company said the relevant actions comply with government regulations, the future will continue to maintain cooperation with the local authorities, should pay all the taxes paid. According to reports, Google is not the only company to be investigated, the Indonesian government has also investigated three other U.S. Internet Co in Indonesia branch of the tax records, namely YAHOO, Twitter and Facebook. It is reported that YAHOO and Google has registered a limited liability company in Indonesia, and Twitter and Facebook two social networks in Indonesia has established a branch office, responsible for advertising and other markets. The Indonesian government believes that the United States Internet Co in the Indonesian market received a lot of advertising revenue, but did not pay enough income tax and value-added tax. The official said Hanif, Google in Indonesia to obtain all the online advertising revenue, only 4% of the income tax, the tax is insignificant, and Google’s behavior is very unfair. The Indonesian government predicts that the size of the online advertising market in Indonesia last year was as high as several hundred million dollars. According to Reuters, the Indonesian government survey on taxes move there is a big background. Indonesia is the resource exporter, but due to oil and other commodity prices fell sharply, the impact of income related to the Indonesian government, so the government must investigate taxes and other means to increase revenue. Although Apple has only recently been ordered to pay the tax but the EU, American Technology Corp in tax havens around the world, has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. These technology companies make full use of the loopholes in the system of countries such as Ireland, the use of multiple corporate entities and other means, the world’s income gradually transferred to some tax havens. Previously, many EU countries criticized Google, Amazon, apple and other companies in the local taxes paid, and income is not significant. Because the United States income tax up to 1/3, including apple.相关的主题文章:

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