Importance Of Quran Education-zibba

Coaching Apart from its unparalleled stress on monotheism, Islam is distinct from other religions because of its special emphasis on acquisition of knowledge and education. This special emphasis becomes even clearer when you study the Quran and the life of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, where you can find numerous references to education, the need for learning, as well as an encouragement to reflect. It is by reading Quran and reflecting upon the Quran that one comes to realize the full significance of how much emphasis in laid in Islam upon the acquisition of knowledge. The Quran encourages us to reflect upon the world all around us in particular and the universe in general. Education and knowledge are useless if they do not transform and uplift one’s personal life. No one can find the right path and direction in this world without the right education. Learning is a natural process. This is innate and one of the basic instincts of man. The pleasure achieved from the acquisition of knowledge is very important for the growth and nurturing of the human mind. Had there had been no inclination to learn, life itself would have been in danger. Even the growth and sustenance of the human race would have been in danger if knowledge of medicine and other branches of knowledge had not been pursued. The regular recitation of Quran reminds us on the importance of education and strengthens our focus regarding it. Education is important for two reasons. It provides a person with the right mental tools so that he can think clearly and in the right direction. If one has no education, then one cannot think properly in an appropriate manner. Education trains a person how to think and how to make an informed decision. The second reason which makes education important is that one can acquire information from the external world and convert it to useful knowledge only when one has education. A person without education is like a closed room, without light and fresh air, while an with education a person feels as if he is in a room with all its windows open towards outside world, with plenty of light and fresh air. Knowledge among the Muslims is spreading as it is among the rest of the people of the world. Muslims all over the world are coming up better ideas, they have begun to think and reflect more about the world around them, and they are showing greater interest in new information, and they are acquiring new skills. This is the Industrial Age and the world is growing very fast. It is the duty of people related to the field of education to provide people with quality education Research informs us that the Western view of Muslims is very negative and they think Muslims are uneducated, illiterate, and ignorant. Muslims must change this perspective and the first step to this is to read the Quran. About the Author: For online Quran teaching you need a computer with mic and a D.S.L connection. Children,elders,boys and girls all muslims can join our classes. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Coaching – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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