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.puters-and-Technology A business most valuable asset is information; however, how do you protect that information? For any business or organization that wishes to .ply with privacy regulations and protect its customers, clients, or even its own information, a strategy is needed. IBM Optim data privacy offers solutions, and the necessary strategy. As organizations and businesses continue to change to adopt new models (e.g. cloud .puting, virtualization, etc.), they must also ensure that their data is secure and .plies with the law. Perhaps the fear of financial penalties, a damaged reputation, or leaked information is the cause of their concern. Nevertheless, the increase in stolen information has resulted in numerous laws and regulations. While these laws were created with the intent to protect, it is the organization or business that now has the responsibility to make sure it follows any and all privacy laws for .pliance. A few of the most significant laws include: Federal Information Security Management Act, EU Data Privacy Directive, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. For the numerous laws and regulations, and others to .e. IBM Optim offers the following strategy: * Develop a management strategy that covers all data * Apply discovery techniques to ensure that sensitive data is identified and protected * Find your systems vulnerabilities, and build your management strategy around those issues * Properly implement programs to harbor security across your business enterprise Along with their strategy, IBM Optim data privacy offers unique solutions to handle information security. One notable solution that Optim offers is the capability to de-identify or mask information. For example, Optim data management applies a variety of techniques to transform personally identifiable information (e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, etc.) or anything else confidential while still retaining the original data. This technique protects data while still allowing access, no matter if the information is recent or retired. The solutions and strategy mentioned above are only a small part of what Optim offers; there are many other solutions to ensure data privacy. IBM Optim can assist in the development of a .prehensive strategy that will protect all enterprise information. After all, information is what a business or .anization depends on, and it is the reason IBM Optim data privacy exists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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