I received the tangled market market continue to wait and see 97179

I received: the tangled market market continue to wait and see Fortune Dragon: the tangled market market continue to wait and see wealth Ge believes that "the tangled market continue to wait and see" the current market trend is still very tangled, the weight plates were generally flat, although the intention of the afternoon with the challenge in line, but still failed, the market repeatedly challenge the line ended in failure, can only say that the position of the pressure, while facing the line, unable to break, can only choose to shock the way gradually digest the top lock plate, which is one reason why the weight plates attack not only keep the second weekend soon due to the news of the uncertainty, most investors have to wait and see, this also caused serious shrinking turnover, the whole market trend for tomorrow’s wealth after Ge Continue to maintain a cautious attitude. The sixth sense: why the market even dare close Wuyang market first, dare to even the five Yang approximation method in line, that is a multi camp plan is a planning, I think its purpose should be outside the capital does not cause too much attention, so imperceptibly to go up, waiting outside the capital to understand, perhaps late several steps. Second, of course, some investors will swallow more because the situation not to regard it as right, the Yin and Yang is also very common, although I tend to be optimistic, but also a little worried, because I have ten years of age of shares, seems not to have experienced such a situation, this is a new situation. In fact, the five line third, although there are traces of deliberate support, but cannot be excluded outside the capital have the foresight to gradually enter. Jade: Cracks in the oscillation frequently saw the trend index continued yesterday late adjustment, all day long in shock pattern, again after midday on the touch line after the usual diving, while diving after trading up in, the amount of energy also appeared obvious atrophy, the recent market shrinking after each jerk has obvious diving, diving after pulling up the index in a narrow space arrangement. The stock index on the wave has been 17 days high callback concussion, but since early May every shock adjustment time is basically in about 15 days, the stock index has always been hovering in Bollinger rail near, so although the index jumped, but funds do not have a breakthrough, so the formation of frequent saw the trend. Desert Eagle: tomorrow challenge 3100 points mark on Thursday the stock market concussion dressing pattern, Shanghai refers to rest under 3100 points, after only a little plate to maintain the market sentiment, the market in 5 with Yang K-line combination, all day long (Shanghai all day long turnover of reduced volume 165 billion 900 million). From the current market, the market withdrawal of the 16 trading days after the choice of direction, although today is finishing concussion, but still more kinetic energy, Shanghai refers to the late upside is expected to 3140 points. Operation, still is to make full preparations, namely high throw, rising volume volume down low, turnover is bad in the background, there is still short-term thinking, can be adjusted in advance of the old hot ambush, once the line pulled out can profit.相关的主题文章:

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