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Hurun issued   Yao Zhenhua wealth over 820% jumped fourth – Finance – original title: Hurun wealth Yao Zhenhua introduced over 820% jumped fourth Chinese securities network October 13th morning, the Hurun Research Institute released the 2016 annual "Hurun". This is the Hu Run institute since 1999 for eighteenth consecutive years, released "Hu Run rich list", the income threshold for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan. According to the first financial report, "Hurun" data show that the top ten were with 215 billion yuan of wealth, with 205 billion yuan Wanda Wang Jianlin family wealth Alibaba, with 165 billion yuan Ma family wealth Tencent Ma Huateng family, with 115 billion yuan of wealth treasure to boss Yao Zhenhua, with 112 billion yuan of wealth Wahaha the Zong Qinghou family, with 100 billion yuan of wealth Ding Lei NetEase, with 100 billion yuan of wealth of the Yan Hao family, Su Taihua owns 98 billion yuan of wealth of Baidu Robin Li couple, with 85 billion yuan of wealth – with 78 billion yuan, Helleu Zhiqiang family wealth He Hengjian He Jianfeng and his son, with 78 billion yuan of wealth, Hengda Xu Jiayin with 78 billion yuan of wealth Reignwood company Yan Bin, with 78 billion yuan of wealth Suning jindong. 46 year old Yao Zhenhua is undoubtedly the big dark horse this year". Yao Zhenhua said that the average wealth rose 2 billion per week in Hu Run. List data show that Yao Zhenhua wealth growth, up 820% to reach $115 billion, ranking more than last year rose more than 200 to fourth. For Vanke equity battle, the Chaoshan businessman Yao Zhenhua much capital market attention. According to Vanke publicly disclosed data show that as of July 2016, treasure can hold 25.40% stake in vanke. In addition, the treasure can also by Qianhai life insurance, such as overseas Chinese town huge Shenghua Affiliated Companies holds a 9.89% stake, 5.02% stake, China star power gold 19.58% stake, Nanning department store 14.65% equity, CSG 26.36% equity, Hefei department store 6.72% of the shares, shaonenggufen non-public offering is completed, the treasure will hold its 33.94% stake in Qianhai. Life is rich and prosperous investment, investment, investment house, SOGO totsu investment together hold 45.50% stake in the torch high (the proportion of shares in accordance with the total capital ratio calculation). (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章:

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