Hukou downtown Oolong county was admitted to the Zhongshan University liberal arts champion after be-nlite

Hukou downtown Oolong county was admitted to the Zhongshan University liberal arts champion after being back in August 5th, Jia Yongyu received the admission notice of Zhongshan University. Respondents for the local media reports, in this year’s college entrance examination, Jia Yongyu to 596 points, won the Sichuan County Arts champion. Network screenshot Sichuan Pingchang County champion after being admitted to Zhongshan University, because of household registration filing error is returned to the province two colleges and universities; makeup; discipline involved in the investigation of Sichuan in 2016 Pingchang County matriculation champion Jia Yongyu thought, on the University, he is no longer "left-behind children". Because of their parents working in Guangzhou all the year round, 8 months old, she will be in Pingchang County grandmother’s life, a rare meeting. College entrance examination this year before she returned to the students in poor areas special enrollment plan, the college entrance examination with 10 points, and the line score was admitted to Zhongshan University. Local admissions Department has said that due to its household registration in Quxian County, Pingchang should not occupy the orientation of the quota, so points invalid. Pingchang County police admitted that due to the household registration errors". Eventually, missed the admission of undergraduate batches Jia Yongyu, in the local admissions department coordination, was admitted to Chengdu University of Technology. Policy points just touch the line after the moment, admission notice of Jia Yongyu think, this "decided to go to Guangzhou". This is August 5th, early in the morning, the post office sent him a text message to get a piece. The parcel is a document from Guangzhou. After opening, the red and white cardboard, printed with "admission notice" the five seal, and the Zhongshan University green badge. Notice in the page, Jia Yongyu was admitted to the professional foreign language literature Zhongshan University International Institute of translation, in August 26th, a notice to the school newspaper, and with Jia Yongyu’s ID number, signature and seal of school principals. In this year’s college entrance examination, Pingchang high school graduates Jia Yongyu, with a total score of 596 points, becoming the Pingchang County Arts champion. As a result of their parents working in Guangzhou area all year round, since childhood is left behind children, she, in the voluntary reporting, did not hesitate to choose the Zhongshan University in Guangzhou. Beijing News reporter inquiry was informed that this year, the Zhongshan University admission line in Sichuan arts 606 points, only to see the naked point, Jia Yongyu can not be successfully admitted. And if you count the Ministry of education plan for independent recruitment in poor areas in rural projects, get 10 points policy points, she just reached the entasis of Zhongshan University. Independent recruitment plan of rural ", refers to the implementation by the Ministry of education, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments in the university enrollment plan, arrange proper enrollment plan for students concentrated special difficult areas to implement directional enrollment. Zhongshan University in response to this plan, made a plus 10 admission preferential policies. The Jia Yongyu school is located in Pingchang county is to "focus on contiguous areas with special difficulties". Although the household register in neighboring Quxian County, but she still appeared in the Pingchang County enrollment plan for the implementation of the special list. Two colleges and universities in Pingchang after the admission of the orientation of the students found themselves into the county, Jia Yongyu will find the class teacher wang. She recalls, the teacher said, "if a prop相关的主题文章:

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