Hublot Hublot and Lang Lang opened the black fit sail – Sohu sweets parade

HUBLOT Hublot and Lang Lang opened the "black" fit sail – Sohu September 6, 2016, Beijing – the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot Wangfujing is located in Beijing’s first store – Oriental Plaza store since its inception in 2010, after several years of rapid development, witnessed the market performance of Hublot a stride forward singing militant songs and the challenge has never stopped the pace of innovation. As of 2016, hoping to connect the past and the future of adhering to the decoration of a new Hublot Beijing Oriental Plaza store today kicked off again. Hublot Global CEO Ricardo · Guadalupe (Ricardo Guadalupe), Hublot Greater China General Manager Louis · Mr. Beaver (Loic Biver), Hublot brand ambassadors, International Piano superstar Lang Lang and Beijing Oriental Plaza Co. Ltd. General Manager Mr. Jiang Lingfeng as the officiating guests for the store the ribbon. At the same time, Hublot "black" ten anniversary of the Chinese tour concept open to glory, Hublot watches Pierre –Big Bang black series, classic fusion classic series interpretation of "the invisible visible" dialectical philosophy, share and watch collectors and high-end consumers who are ten years of "black history" concept and bring a modern fashion "black" feast. Reinstall the opening of the store area of 120 square meters, full of luxury brand DNA design and innovation, but also highlight the Hublot creative fusion of art "". Shop interior with black, black marble floor rock melting glass furniture, leather color collocation of graphite and polished stainless steel lamps, complement each other. Wall decoration of the pop art and pop art elements watch, let the color in the explosion and collision of perfect fusion in the temple of time, jumping color design shop originally cold tone more modern sense. In addition, there are high tech innovations store figure, let the glorious history of Hublot by various high-tech meanders. At the same time, as the country’s new design and the largest area of the store, Hublot watches series also fully presented, it will not only bring consumers a unique appreciation experience, more will take guests for the distinguished guests and the shopping atmosphere. Ricardo · Mr. Darup said: "the melon Hublot Beijing Oriental Plaza store we have witnessed extraordinary breakthroughs in the Beijing market and sales miracle, now to reinstall the store opening, we will continue the personal independence of conduct Hublot and avant-garde fashion style, to attract more love watches and high-end fashion lifestyle the crowd. The holding of the "black" concept ten anniversary exhibition, show us in ten years, the "black" watch concept from being questioned to the highly sought after fashion evolution, but also once again demonstrates the Hublot "became the first, the one and only, out of the ordinary" stick to the original." "The invisible visible", the only time card Hublot "black" concept ten Anniversary Tour since 2006 Chinese Hublot first launched Big Bang black watch, "black" concept and pioneer philosophy table相关的主题文章:

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