Huaihua, Hunan, seized a wagon filled with 114 protected animals – public welfare channel-cashmere mafia

Hunan Huaihua seized a truck and stuffed 114 animal protection public channels. In the early morning of September 17th, Hunan Huaihua Hecheng District Forestry Bureau and Huaihua Forestry Bureau found an illegal transportation wildlife case. In a car from Xi’an to Huaihua from Hubei on the truck, seized a goat, hog badger, civet, tufted deer and other 114 terrestrial wild animal (three animal protection). At present, the case is being further investigated. In the night of September 16th, when the high-speed police inspected a light closed freight car named F38179, it was found that the vehicle was loaded with all the wild animals that had been slaughtered, weighing 2000 Jin. Subsequently, the case was transferred to the Huaihua Forestry Bureau and the forestry bureau of the Hecheng district. In the morning of September 17th, the reporter saw in Huaihua Forestry Bureau. After careful inventory of the staff of Huaihua Forestry Bureau and Hecheng Forestry Bureau, a total of 114 provincial key protected animals were transported to the designated frozen warehouse for storage.   该车《准运证》显示仅有运输野鸡、野猪、野兔的运输资质,但该车却装载满了猪獾、麂子、白面狸、毛冠鹿等野生动物,涉嫌非法收购、运输野生动物。 Source: new Hunan

湖南怀化查获一货车 塞满114只保护动物-公益频道   9月17日凌晨,湖南怀化鹤城区林业局与怀化市林业局查获一起非法运输野生动物案件。在一辆由西安开往怀化的湖北籍货车上,共查获麂子,猪獾,果子狸,毛冠鹿等114只陆生野生动物(三有保护动物)。目前,案件正在进一步调查中。   9月16日夜间,高速民警在对一辆牌号为鄂F38179轻型封闭式货车进行检查时发现,该车装载着均为已经屠宰过的野生动物,重达2000斤。随后,该案件被移交至怀化市林业局与鹤城区林业局。   9月17日上午,记者在怀化市林业局看到,经过怀化市林业局与鹤城区林业局工作人员的仔细清点后,共计114只省级重点保护动物的尸体被运往指定冻库作封存处理。   该车《准运证》显示仅有运输野鸡、野猪、野兔的运输资质,但该车却装载满了猪獾、麂子、白面狸、毛冠鹿等野生动物,涉嫌非法收购、运输野生动物。   来源:新湖南相关的主题文章:

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