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Hu Bing: I’ve been in love so moist without fear of meat threat – Hu Bing is not afraid of a small meat Sohu entertainment threatened Hu Bing unveiled the conference site, Hu Bing Lu Yulin, Liu Tingyu Sohu creative entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) starring Hailu Qin, Guo Xiaodong, Hu Bing, Jiang Zuping, Lu Yulin, Liu Tingyu’s drama "mother" will dash forward on September 10th landing Shanghai TV channel. In September 9th, the drama conference held in Shanghai, starring Hu Bing, Lu Yulin, Liu Tingyu at the rally. During the interview, when asked "Mom" fans to marry, Hu Bing jokes that he has been in love, so moist, also move to marriage idea. As for the entertainment of small meat fire phenomena emerge in an endless stream, popularity, Hu Bing said there is no pressure. "Mother" tells the story of the dash forward fashion hot mom double crisis of career and love, never give up the inspirational story. Wang Qing (Hailu Qin ornaments) career, emotional encounter with her husband Yin Jianping (Guo Xiaodong) and his friend Hu Li (Jiang Zuping ornaments). The rain was leaking, the workplace being framed Wang Ching was forced to leave the restaurant opened. The restaurant business is difficult, Wang Qing, when first love in a nice hobble, Zhou Kaiwen (Hu Bingshi) to help to love again. Learned that Hu Li was pregnant, Wang Qing agreed to divorce with the sword. Jian Ping’s career crisis, Hu Li noisy accident abortion. Sword of hope and Ping Wang Ching remarried, Hu Li silently leave. Wang Qing and Kevin in the face of the sword flat two feelings, in a dilemma. In the face of repentance Jianping, Wang Ching Yin decided to return to home, for two children, for themselves, to truly repentant Jianping a chance to put the past love back, the formation of a new family of happiness. Hu Bing said, this is the first time to play their own life so tragic drama, talking about what similar place, and the role of Zhou Kaiwen Hu Bing said: "I think in the emotional view of the role of a little more like, my shadow. Zhou Kaiwen can do this life only love a person. Although his body is not good, but before dying still try to love a person, I think this is a kind of love, let me very moved." He also admitted that the feelings can not be met, look forward to enduring as the universe of love, "enduring as the universe a bit silly, but I look forward to love." The scene is "her" fans urged Hu Bing to complete a life event, in this regard, Hu Bing smiled and said: "I have been in love, otherwise I won’t be so moist. I am also anxious to get married." He is also taking to the fans shouted: "you help me to introduce a good? Introduction of personal products." In the entertainment industry for many years, Hu Bing has feelings: this year I am 46 years old, in the entertainment industry for a period of 25 years, see a lot, lose a lot of new things have their own understanding, this understanding is very valuable." As for the small meat "waves" is very fierce, whether the fear of being shot on the beach? Hu Bing looked calm, said there is no pressure, "they now have a lot of stage, All flowers bloom together., I see this process, we feel before white hard, their status is very high, together I think is a good thing for the high value of the screen color. My debut 25 years, around the heroine and little meat for a pile of a pile, I try to play the self相关的主题文章:

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