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Howard was questioned without fear of sound behind the Houston Rockets coach can help Sohu sports Beijing time on February 19th, according to ESPN reports, in an interview, Howard said that he never asked for trading, and does not care about the outside world of criticism, in the view of interim coach JB- Beek rockets Stavropol, Howard can help the team to reverse the unfavorable situation now. Next, the Rockets will be on the road to challenge the sun, the current two teams ranked ninth and fourteenth in the west. What’s worth mentioning is that Howard was trapped in trading rumors, but he was not sent off by the rockets. "As I said, I didn’t think about it," Howard said. "I never asked for a deal. I’m now in Feinikesi, ready to prepare for the second half of the season. The only thing I’m focusing on is the next game to help the team win." Although compared with the peak period, Howard’s state has declined, but he is still a good player, especially at the defensive end. "I think he than ever before to the firm," Bickerstaff said, "for me, he is coming back, try to help the team to play its potential. He has proved himself in the past, and he is a player who can rely on individual ability to change the team. If he does what he wants, it’s good for the team." Although Howard in the Rockets this season, but he will break the rumors did not stop, Howard has the right to restore freedom of the body, it is reported that in the summer, he hopes to have a maximum contract. In Howard’s view, he does not care about the outside questioning and rumors. "Never mind," Howard said, "I know who I am, and the results of the occupation career, so there is no need to pay attention to negative things. I had a good life, and I was lucky, of course. It doesn’t matter, you’ll talk about what you think, but I know how much I can do to get where I am today. So I’m very grateful to all of this." (Fu Yun)

霍华德无惧外界质疑声 获火箭主帅力挺能助休城-搜狐体育   北京时间2月19日,据ESPN报道,在接受采访时,霍华德表示,自己从未要求过交易,同时并不在意外界质疑声,在火箭临时主帅JB-比克斯塔夫看来,霍华德能够帮助球队扭转现在的不利局面。   接下来火箭将在客场挑战太阳,目前两支球队分别位列西部第9位和第14位。值得一提的是,此前霍华德陷入交易流言中,不过最终他并未被火箭送走。   “正如我所说的,我并未去考虑它,”霍华德说道,“我从未主动要求过交易。我现在来到菲尼克斯,准备为赛季下半程的比赛做好准备。我现在唯一专注的就是下一场比赛帮助球队赢得胜利。”   尽管与巅峰期相比,霍华德如今的状态有所下降,但是他依然是一位优秀的球员,尤其是在防守端。   “我认为,他比之前任何时候都要坚定,”比克斯塔夫坦言,“对我来说,他正在逐渐找回感觉,试着帮助球队发挥出应有的潜力。在过去他已经证明过自己,他是一位能够依靠个人能力去改变球队的球员。如果他打出应有水平,那么对于球队来说这无疑很棒。”   尽管霍华德本赛季留在火箭,但是有关他要挪窝的流言却并不会停止,霍华德在今年夏天有权恢复自由身,据悉,他希望能获得一份顶薪合同。在霍华德看来,自己并不会去在意外界的质疑和流言。   “没有关系,”霍华德说道,“我知道自己是谁,以及职业生涯所取得的成绩,因此不需要去关注那些消极的事情。我有不错的生活,当然我很幸运。没有关系,大家会去谈论所想的事情,但是我知道自己有多努力才能达到今天的位置。因此我非常感激这一切。”   (浮云)相关的主题文章:

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