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How to reduce salt – People’s Health Channel – People’s salt chemical name is sodium chloride, long-term intake of excessive salt will increase the risk of high blood pressure. The high salinity in the daily life of food including spices, smoked products, cooked meat products, convenience foods and snacks. Peanut butter 100 grams per gram of sodium containing about 2340 mg, while soda biscuits containing 312.2 mg. The sodium intake of residents in China mainly comes from salt, accounting for 72.1%, accounting for 8.2% of soy sauce, of which the family cooking salt accounted for about 80% of them, and the rest from the packaging of food and dining out. Chinese CDC nutrition and health expert tips: salt reduction for families, the use of limited salt spoon measuring tools, control the total daily intake; less seasoning instead of onions, ginger and garlic flavor to the food; the use of low sodium salt, low sodium soy sauce or salt soy sauce; nine dishes or out of the pot before maturity salt; eat out less; try to buy fresh food, choose less processed foods for infants and young children; to prepare food, to do baby salt, children less salt. For individuals, consciously corrected taste salty bad habits; try to eat pickles, pickled foods and salty food; check the nutritional label on the packaging, try to choose low sodium foods; try not to drink soup, vegetable soup, salt content is high; when dining out let the restaurant put less salt, MSG and soy sauce; eat instant noodles, snacks and other processed food; eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 26 August 19 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Juntao and Xu Xinyi)相关的主题文章:

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