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How does Zhang Jingchu get a good hand make a mess? The text of the Sina column of deep water entertainment eight film and television circles deep Jun recently saw on television a long time no see familiar faces, Zhang Jingchu. She exposes the spouse in the program standards, said he likes talented boys, like boys, the more like the more hidden, er…… Sharp eyed Netizens found her face seemed changed imperceptibly, before the face is thin now, attending drama conference seem…… Round? Eat fat you are not too obvious to provoke the clavicle,   the year by virtue of "Peacock" fame Zhang Jingchu, once considered to challenge the four artistes there. Is the "time" magazine named "Asian heroes", is BBC chat show that one of the most popular movie star Chinese ", is the promise to enter the Hollywood popular Huadan, her early development path toward the expectations of rapid promotion, can walk, suddenly paste…… And then become regulars on gossip, the emergence of various sex with male director, businessman, as if overnight become synonymous with bad. It has become the network drama in a strange painting makeup of the female n. This year the paparazzi photographed and suspected boyfriend travel, many people comment there is much more that don’t know Zhang Jingchu…… This is a good hand, what is broken? I was Zhang Jingchu before mixing the drama circle line now sinking, now rising again played a series of movies, popular and is called, it is no exaggeration to say that the film scores and forced more than double strong ice. Generally speaking, in the 7 film China watercress score is already as the conscience, read the works of Zhang Jingchu, and this film is not a few, she also once called "the goddess", fans have called her little Zhang Ziyi. However, after 2010, the situation is a sudden turn for the worse Zhang Jingchu in the film quality, more and more complicated, in 2013, set a new China blockbuster movie limit movie "graph", she is also a member of. In class a International Film Festival Best Actress of the vision should be not bad, but Zhang Jingchu play level has been in decline, it is obvious to people of all. Of course, there are such external factors, but I am afraid that her own reasons, is the most should be noted that the. Zhang Jingchu began to work for a period of time in the south-east of the station, then decided to go to Beijing, as a "drift", in 1997, she enrolled in the Central Academy of Drama 97 director of the Department of College classes. During school, she took a lot of drama and advertising, but has been unknown to the public, and she will be the original name of Zhang Jing to Zhang Jingchu, hope that the new name can have a new beginning, good luck for her. In 2003, she told the film "Peacock" director Gu Changwei volunteered, in the end finally caused by day in and day out to guide attention, won the role of "sister". This girl looks pretty face, thin, quiet, stubborn heart.)相关的主题文章:

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