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"Chinese sure money illusion is how to generate the Sohu comments according to the" world news "reported that the University of Southern California Chinese student discipline is pleased to murder the jury in October 4th to enter the second day of the trial, prosecutors announced the first female defendant Alejandra Guerrero was arrested in police interrogation one hour of video, Guerrero admitted beat Ji pleased, also said the selected discipline is pleased to rob on the road, because" he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". China girl’s death is sad, our compatriots hand encounter in foreign countries, we must recover justice, must seek justice. Why do we leave foreigners with the impression that the Chinese people have money? The innocent Chinese girl is just ordinary Chinese people, she has no money. However, when the Chinese people will certainly become a label, it is worth our deep reflection. Do Chinese people have money? It depends on what point of view. With the deepening of reform and opening up, with the development of economic development, people are really rich, we became the world’s second largest economic entity. From this point of view, the Chinese people is a fact. However, if you look at another point of view, the Chinese people is not right. We are the world’s second largest economic entity is not false, but we are also the world’s most populous country, the average wealth, the Chinese people do not seem so sure of money. At present, there are 70 million China under the poverty population, there are a lot of people living in poverty, these facts are not above. Many foreigners believe that the Chinese people must be rich, which from the National Day Golden Week skating, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other international tourist market for Chinese tourists can be seen. This impression? Plainly, this is a great misunderstanding, there are some problems associated with profound misunderstanding and this makes our own existence. First, luxury consumption sweeps the globe. Foreigners are not willing to drink Remy Martin, XO, Chinese people love to drink. Foreigners are not willing to eat French snails, we come back to eat air, a table is tens of thousands. When our tourists in foreign countries "do not buy the right, only to buy expensive", and even people’s milk powder, sanitary napkins, bras have moved to shelves empty, who do not think that the Chinese people must be rich? It can be said that some people’s concept of luxury consumption caused the Chinese people have money illusion. Secondly, the global real illusion. Chinese really rich, in China turf fry house was banned, a lot of money on the influx of foreign, not to buy a house is to buy, when a large number of Chinese went abroad, to a building, a house and a roll of gold when "Chinese too rich" concept will naturally produced. Again, a small number of wealthy Chinese people can not represent the level of consumption of all Chinese people. From the point of view of the average wealth, we are not the richest people, but we have created the richest chinese". From the recent publication of the world’s rich list, the proportion of Chinese people is indeed very high, which is also a foreigner that "Chinese people must have money"相关的主题文章:

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