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Diabetic foot is how it happened – Sohu health 1, turn our history books, we are the ancestors of this life, to eat, no major war even in a time of national peace and order in recorded history, so we a time of national peace and order a handful of genes could not adapt to food shortages. The recent 40 years, we from lack of food, do not eat at night, a sudden leap to as long as willing to spend money, decades of wine cellar can buy tons, remember when to buy cloth clothing, eating food stamps, buy a car (of course, bike) to cover all the furniture, think of their fathers to buy wine is wine cellar by the grandchildren, now sold out. We rely on the basic walk from traffic, basically rely on the dog into the house, every family has a car, do not need to go out walk aristocrat. Type 2 diabetes is coming, and he has a genetic predisposition, but we have no education, no child education has begun to live a healthy life. Do not exercise, like to eat high energy density foods: high sugar, high fat, high protein. Diabetes to a generation earlier, until we ourselves, our children have diabetes. 2, we have not been able to effectively control blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure. The body changes, double lower limb blood flow is blocked, the lack of foot tissue nutrition and metabolite accumulation, is like a home without water, not drink, urine can not wash away. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I was feeling: double foot gradually numbness, skin cold, tingling may occur occasionally, intermittent claudication. 3, (nerve and vascular disease aggravated): dead or quiet when the foot pain, feeling drops further, even without the feeling of pain. Once the skin is damaged, local infection…… An old friend of the sugar of diabetic foot have occurred, the change in our feet and eyes are also changing, diabetic retinopathy with visual loss, not to damage, maybe on the ground to Pengpo toenails, foot, foot pain, out of sight, out of mind, diabetic foot this happened. A progress was not found for diabetic foot: fast insulin to control blood sugar, blood sugar did a lot of expensive antibiotics down; it is difficult to control the infection; vasodilator anticoagulation improves blood circulation, blood but can not get through, can support with lower limb angiography can improve blood supply; life insurance, amputation. Remember: about 80% of diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented, the key is that doctors and patients should have a sense of prevention. Diabetes education has never occurred in diabetic foot. Adjust our time, energy, prevent the occurrence of diabetes, prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot. Each family accepted diabetes and prevention of diabetes and diabetic foot health education, patients taking off your shoes, let the doctor found the risk of foot, guiding how to prevent diabetic foot. Concerned about the health of Sohu, but also by the North China University of science and technology affiliated hospital nutrition: adjust our time and energy to prevent the occurrence of disease, because most of the disease can not be cured. Thank you for your attention.相关的主题文章:

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