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Hongkong female professor in mainland spread social service "seed" – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen 25 August Xinhua: Hongkong female professor in mainland social services "sow new seeds in each News Agency reporter Chen Yue to Xiamen, Professor Luo Guancui’s schedule to" full file ": Kai Fu" social work service social workers answering for their own problem-solving; "like" homework "," disciples "seriously examine social service completion schedule, and review their future work plan is reasonable and effective. Luo Guancui engaged in social work services and related education research in Hongkong for many years, and then to Guangzhou, founded the Department of social work at the Zhongshan University, and the establishment of the mainland’s early social service institutions, "Kai chong". Social service is not only enthusiastic enough, to ‘service’ to really play the effect." Luo Guancui recently told reporters on the China News Agency reporters, said, not to mention ‘Kai Fu’ do is the government to buy social services, we can not waste taxpayers every penny". In early 2014, Siming District of Xiamen began to pilot the purchase of social services in four streets, including Lujiang streets to buy "Kai Fu" social services. "Kai Fu" is a "mechanism and brothers Luo Guancui and his disciples in Fujian to create a", she took the mature Guangdong social service experience to try Fujian. A disciple of Luo Guancui, "Kai Fu" deputy director and chairman Ke Yiping told reporters, her eyes of Luo, the biggest feature is the rigorous and pragmatic, to grasp the details. "The first service point in Lujiang streets Kai Fu" is located in Xiamen Road Primary school. The elderly and children, disabled people, is "Kai Fu" key service. Luo Guancui said, Xiamen is experiencing the aging of the population and the empty nest and other issues like Hongkong, which makes the importance of social services has been highlighted. She also praised the government of Xiamen, liberal, emphasis on social work services, providing great support". Out of the "Cantonese circle", Luo Guancui stressed that social services in place, to object and service mix. For example, in the southern region, people like drinking Kung Fu tea, we note that in each service point with Kung Fu tea, "said Luo Guancui, a cup of tea, you can quickly narrow and grandparents distance. Of course, to let the community service object with recognized "Kai Fu", also cannot do without the "Kai Fu" social workers "visits" work. Ke Yiping said, the first door, a lot of people are on the social workers holding the watchful eyes; for a long time, social workers on the sincerity of Constant dripping wears away a stone., moved by the people of the community. "Kai Fu" in the Lujiang streets of the old theatre held art workshop, the traditional folk art, Fujian Gu CuO talking ancient (story), tapcuiko and other traditional folk art classes and Hokkien classes, this is a big idea "Kai Fu". Luo Guancui said that these activities will not only allow the elderly to have fun, to teach, so that young people have to learn, but also to promote the communion between generations. From the individual to the family to the community, by leveraging the social change of individual, this step by step progressive social service, Luo Guancui and Kai Fu "service concept. Residents volunteer growing, is the "Kai Fu" to promote "neighborhood care" an important support. Coincided with summer相关的主题文章:

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