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Hong Kong media: Mainland visitors to Hong Kong shopping spree Zaixian tide "engage in real estate promotion – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, according to Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that mainland tourists buzz South tide Cheung Kong real estate’s shopping spree, Hung Hom Harbour – Star Bank aimed at the mainland visitors for two consecutive weeks, promotion will be held in Shenzhen, is expected to this will be the proportion of mainland tourists disc pushed to 20% from 15%. Cheung Kong real estate investment director Guo Ziwei said, according to the recent mainland visitors to Hong Kong shopping spree has picked up signs of its harbour – Star shore special two consecutive weekends held in Shenzhen the promotion, this Saturday, is expected to participate in more than 1000 groups of customers, increased significantly compared with the beginning. According to the record, Victoria Port – Star coast mainland customers accounted for about 15%, to promote the adoption of this will be raised to 20%. In addition, with the extension of the Kwun Tong line opened, Homantin station and Whampoa  station area property class Sandoval, adjacent to the Whampoa  harbour Station – Star shore benefit most, especially the new "ten thousand MTR concessions", the discount for the ride from Whampoa  station to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station allowance, buyers will receive 55 thousand yuan (HK $, at the same time, the same below) cash rebate, plus 9 in the city should be first seat 3, room 4 households, priced 25 million 782 thousand to 53 million 507 thousand yuan, 30475 feet to 38002 yuan, the average price per square foot 35364 yuan, the highest discount of 14.875% on Friday, first come first served for sale. Guo Ziwei also said that in view of the recent sharp rise in the luxury market, is expected to Victoria port • star price will be added later, the range of about 5% to 10%. The other one will take along traffic lines along Kwun Tong, He Wentian ONE HOMANTIN since August to sell 211 cases, project cumulative sales of 311 cases, accounting for nearly 90% units available for sale, total cash of about 3 billion 700 million yuan. The proportion of investors in recent months have increased total investment buyers ratio increased to more than 30%, early stimulus projects to achieve the sales target, decided to push the sixth and earlier reserved 7 units, plus 80 cities, the market value of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Nan Fung Development, WPL sales peak Mount Nicholson second pushed 10 cases, tender date is November 7, 2016. Will be pleased to say that Mount Nicholson continue to be welcomed by the market, received a lot of inquiries, reflecting the market demand for a large area of the mountain residential units.相关的主题文章:

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